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2011 GMC Sierra brochure provided by Wheelers Automotive in Marshfield, WI. Find the 2011 GMC Sierra for sale in Wisconsin. Call us about our current sales and incentives at (715) 502-4350. http://www.wheelergm.com

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  • Wheelers Automotive2701 S Maple AveMarshfield, WI 54449(715) 502-4350http://www.wheelergm.com 2011 GMC SIERRA HEAVY DUTIES PROFESSIONAL GRADE REFERENCE GUIDE
  • 2011 GMC SIERRA HEAVY DUTY REFERENCE GUIDE PROFESSIONAL GRADE. NO COMPROMISE. HERE COME THE NEW 2011 SIERRA HEAVY DUTIES. GMC engineers never stop exceeding expectations. This philosophy holds true with the new Sierra Heavy Duty (HD) lineup a big-time example of engineering excellence with no compromise. ALL-NEW CHASSIS AND FRAME THAT DELIVER ouTSTANDINg CAPABILITY AND RIDE Sierra HD has been reengineered from the ground up to provide excellent trailering and payload one of the top reasons customers seek out heavy-duty trucks. In fact, Sierra HD provides segment-leading payload in the most popular HD model: the 4x4 3/4-ton Crew Cab (see page 4.) SEgMENT-LEADINg PoWER WITH A NEW DuRAMAX DIESEL ENgINE AND ALLISoN TRANSMISSIoN This powertrain combination has a proven track record with nearly 1.3 million sold in the last decade. Heres to millions more - GMC has made it quieter and more powerful than before. Additionally it is now B20 biodiesel compatible. Under the hood, 397 hp and 765 lb.-ft. of torque make the new Duramax the most powerful diesel in the segment. NEW CoNTRoL FEATuRES FoR CoNFIDENCE WITH HEAVY LoADS The ultimate workhorse truck provides the utmost confidence to manage the heaviest of loads. The new Sierra HD lineup has it all covered with an array of control features. BEST WARRANTY IN THE SEgMENT No one can match the GMC powertrain limited warranty plus you get courtesy transportation and roadside assistance. AN EXCLuSIVE DENALI HD MoDEL GMC is extending its exclusive Denali line to the Sierra Heavy Duty lineup a first-time HD offering of Denalis unique combination of distinctive style, premium features and capability. This guide will help you explore all that is new for the 2011 model year and what makes these trucks a cut above the rest. Watch for the new 2011 Sierra HD lineup to be in showrooms in late Spring. For more information, be sure to visit GMC.com/SierraHD. DID YOU KNOW? GMC has built trucks for 108 years ... since 1902. Product information is preliminary. Production models may vary. 2
  • 2011 GMC SIERRA HEAVY DUTY REFERENCE GUIDE REBUILT FROM THE GROUND UP. GMC engineers focused on continual improvement and engineering excellence when building the 2011 Sierra Heavy Duty. New, More Robust Independent Front Suspension New, High-Strength, New, Asymmetrical Rear Larger Brakes Fully Boxed Steel Frame Larger Brakes Leaf Spring Suspension F E AT U R E IMPROVEMENTS BENEFIT New, High-Strength, Fully Boxed Beaming stiffness increased 20% A more rigid and durable platform that allows Steel Frame Frame strength increased 92% better suspension tuning and better ride Torsional stiffness increased by five times quality by reducing frame bending and twisting. New, More Robust Independent Larger, stronger parts Improved ride and handling with greater Front Suspension isolation and better tire-to-ground contact. Larger engine and transmission mounts to Up to a 25% increased front axle rating control vibrations on vehicles equipped with available Snow Stronger and lighter upper control arms Plow Prep package. Cast iron lower control arms to handle Facilitates a snowplow package on all 4WD more load cab and engine combinations. New, Asymmetrical Rear Leaf Increased in size by 20% Improved to handle increased loads and Spring Suspension provide excellent launch feel and ride Larger fasteners to handle increased loads characteristics. Urethane jounce bumpers to improve energy management New hydraulic body mounts to dampen road inputs (Extended and Crew Cabs) Larger Brakes Rotor diameter is now 14" (9% larger) Improved brake pedal feel and shorter pedal travel. DID YOU KNOW? Despite most chassis components growing in weight and strength, GMC engineers found a way to improve diesel fuel efficiency for the 2011 model year.* * Based on GM testing 3
  • 2011 GMC SIERRA HEAVY DUTY REFERENCE GUIDE T H E R E S U LT S A maximum 16,000 lbs. conventional trailering capability1 A maximum 20,000 lbs. fifth-wheel-trailering capability1 A maximum 6,335 lbs. payload capacity2 Maximum Front Gross Axle Weight Rating of 6,000 lbs. on select 4WD models w/available Snowplow Package (a 25% increase)3 C O M PA R E T H E H I G H E S T S E L L I N G M O D E L S I N T H E H D M A R K E T (3/4-TON CREW 4x4) 2011 GMC 2011 FORD SIERRA 2500HD F-250 MAXIMUM CONVENTIONAL TRAILERING (GAS)1 13,000 LBS. 12,500 LBS. MAXIMUM FIFTH-WHEEL TRAILERING (GAS)1 13,900 LBS. 15,000 LBS. MAXIMUM CONVENTIONAL TRAILERING (DIESEL) 1 13,000 LBS. 14,000 LBS. MAXIMUM FIFTH-WHEEL TRAILERING (DIESEL) 1