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What Are Hybrid Automobiles

What are hybrid automobiles

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  1. 1. What Are Hybrid Automobiles
  2. 2. Hybrid automobiles are vehicles tht u tw wr ur n conjunction wth n another and thus r called hybrid utmobiles r hbrd vehicles.
  3. 3. The htr f hybrid wr thnlg vr ld.
  4. 4. It dates bk t th tm when diesel ltr ubmrn were frt ud.
  5. 5. Th d is enough ml, u two power ur t nr vrll fuel efficiency.
  6. 6. Nw th utn r as to why they are needed.
  7. 7. The nwr ml, the average person d not need the power of a V8, h or h jut needs nugh wr t rh their dtntn.
  8. 8. A hybrid vehicle or one equipped with a V8 n both mlh th.
  9. 9. The hybrid, however, leaves a much smaller carbon footprint.
  10. 10. The hbrd vhl wrk b ung ltr wll gln power.
  11. 11. Diesel electric vehicles r l available today, but there numbr r still ut lw.
  12. 12. Th hybrid vehicle wrk b using ltr wr whn th rurmnt fr ngn power lw.
  13. 13. Wht the B Idea Behind Hbrd Automobiles
  14. 14. The b d of hybrid automobiles t u a mllr lght wght engine in conjuction with an electric source that can dd m xtr wr when needed.
  15. 15. As a 1.0 liter ngn can mv a car along at 75 mh jut like a V8, but uses much less fuel in the process
  16. 16. Thr r two mn t f gln hbrd vehicles: series hbrd cars and parallel hybrid rs.
  17. 17. The r hbrd car u th gln ngn t turn a gnrtr tht can either hrg the batteries or run n electric mtr, whr th rlll hbrd car n mbn the two wr ur to gv mr wr, r th m munt of wr, but with a bttr mlg.
  18. 18. Can Hybrid Automobiles Provide The Performance I Need
  19. 19. Now the utn arises how the hybrid vhl n dlvr these t of rfrmn whn th hv such a mll ngn.
  20. 20. Th do so b using lght wght materials like rbn fbr mt, lw-rllng rtn tires and dvnd aerodynamics t rdu drg.
  21. 21. Hybrids can vn turn th gln engine ff when not ndd, uh whn tng t trff lights.
  22. 22. Sm hybrid automobiles only use eltr wr for low speeds.
  23. 23. Sm hybrid vehicles also u regenerative braking.
  24. 24. Regenerative braking dr the speed b cutting some munt f engine wr.
  25. 25. Hybrid automobiles have been around for over a decade now and have proven to not only use less fuel but to be very reliable as well.