Портрет мифического разработчика мобильных приложений

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Майкл Вакуленко, партнер, исследования, VisionMobile, "Портрет мифического разработчика мобильных приложений". Конспект выступления на VAS Conference, 2012, 23-24 декабря - http://abloud.blogspot.ru/2012/11/blog-post_27.html Другие материалы встречи http://www.cforum.ru/news/article/102326.htm

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  • 1. VisionMobileThe Mythical App Developer Mobile VAS Conference Copyright VisionMobile 2012Page 1

2. VisionMobileDistilling market noise into market sense Developer Economics Telco Economics Trends watch the de-facto research hub for the app New economic thinking for managingTracking app and developer trends economy disruption and reinventing the Telco MobileMarket Sonar Innovationa quarterly service Developer Economics using big data to researchworkshoppredict app economy reports:how Internettrends measuring business models developer are impacting sentiment ontelecoms platforms, regions, revenues and developer tools Mobile Insider Mobile Mobile Insider isMegatrends a monthlyworkshop Developer publication that Public workshops outreach &examines the on the stage of the segmentation: most important mobile ecosystem understand, trends in mobile segment and effectively reach developers Top-100 analyst blog4,000+ subscribers20,000+ monthly uniques App ecosystems: Research and analysis on the state of the app economyCopyright VisionMobile 2012Page 2 3. Trusted by industry brandsfrom an established analyst company Clients selected clients 2009-2012selected VisionMobile clients 2008-2012Page 4Copyright VisionMobile 2012Page 3 4. Apps is just the tip of the iceberg Copyright VisionMobile 2012Page 4 5. The new rules of the game in mobile telco need new skills to compete in the new market environmentold rulesnew rulesshare of needs, attention & wallet4 apps 700,000+ apps (voice, text, contacts, camera) (encompassing all user needs) service telco platforms distribution basis of reliability & scalechoice & flexibility competition of networks of servicesbusiness modelsproven & predictable new & unpredictableSource: VisionMobileCopyright VisionMobile 2012Page 5 6. Duopoly in smartphone platforms iOS and Android dominate shipments and developer mindshare 100K appsAppledominateshigh-end 700K appssegment700K apps Android takes the restSource: Business InsiderCopyright VisionMobile 2012Page 6 7. Duopoly in smartphone shipments two players dominate shipments and profits both have advantage of tailored value-chain2 playersdominatesmartphoneshipments8 OEMs withmore than 2%market share Source: AsymcoCopyright VisionMobile 2012Page 7 8. The 2nd wave of disruption in the handset markethardware becomes distribution vehicle for digital services and e-commerce traditional modelemerging model hardware = profitshardware = distribution Take mostprofitsLose money or break-even No NameSource: VisionMobileCopyright VisionMobile 2012Page 8 9. Apps are key competitive advantage for platformssatisfy wide spectrum of needs and use cases700,000 apps700,000 apps Copyright VisionMobile 2012Page 9 10. Platforms win by locking users to developersdrive exponential growth and lock-in of users and developersusers are locked by habitsPlatformDevelopers are locked represented by apps by skills and experience app store locks developers to usersSource: VisionMobile Copyright VisionMobile 2012Page 10 11. Developers are key resource for platformskey challenge is sorting through the noise plethora of dev tools telecom overlays Developer mindshare leaders chipset makers telco API and app stores competing platforms handset makers Copyright VisionMobile 2012Page 11 12. www.DeveloperEconomics.com Free research reports on app economy and developer ecosystem help developersbuild a successfulapp business Copyright VisionMobile 2012Page 12 13. Copyright VisionMobile 2012Page 13 14. Copyright VisionMobile 2012Page 14 15. VisionMobile developer segmentation model What is a developer? Developers differ greatly in platform & API decisionsMotivations & drivers Hobbyists Fun and coolness Explorers Opportunity and ancillary income Hunters (pro developers)Profits from apps Guns-for-hire Probability of winning a project Brands and verticalsBrand affinity and user engagement Digital content publishersAccess to large addressable market Venture-backed startups Attracting investment and achieving exit Corporate ITDe-risking and information security15Page 15 Copyright VisionMobile 2012 16. User reach trumps monetisationfor developers of all platforms except BlackBerry user reach monetisationRanking of developers goal by platform%% on 7 major platforms (n = 1,431)Source: VisionMobile, based on data from Developer Economics 2012 survey Copyright VisionMobile 201216Page 16 17. Developing for clients or an employer pays betteraverage app/month revenue by employment type (n=995)Source: VisionMobile, Developer Economics 2012 | www.DeveloperEconomics.comLicensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 LicenseCopyright VisionMobile 2012Page 17 18. Finance & real-estate generate highest revenuesaverage revenue per app/month by client industry (n=665) Source: VisionMobile, Developer Economics 2012 | www.DeveloperEconomics.com Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License Copyright VisionMobile 2012Page 18 19. Hard work pays more - rewards vary by platformaverage revenue per app/month by development time (n=695)Source: VisionMobile, Developer Economics 2012 | www.DeveloperEconomics.comLicensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 LicenseCopyright VisionMobile 2012Page 19 20. Apps developed in the US pay betteraverage revenue per app/month by country (n=384)Source: VisionMobile, Developer Economics 2012 | www.DeveloperEconomics.comLicensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 LicenseCopyright VisionMobile 2012Page 20 21. Developer Economics 2013 (January 2013) 2,840+Developertools & servicesresponsesAd networksBackend-as-a-serviceTotal responses 3,460Bug tracking Cross-platform toolsCross-promotion networksUser analyticsVoice services20+ marketing Translation in 6partners languagesMarketing and RegionalFrench, German, Korean, partners from across the globe Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Copyright VisionMobile 2012Page 21 22. Developer Journey methodologyMaps full spectrum of issues facing app developers, from app conception to user support- concept design - developer registration & certification- curation- feature design - app signing & certification - pricing, bundles- APIs available - app submission- advertising & promos- prototyping tools- regional testing - cross-app promos- audience targeting - beta testing with end users- app marketing & PR- platform selection - localisation frameworks- app merchandising- conferences & competitions- packaging and SKU managementapplicationdevelop & marketdistributiion &retailing & monetisationin-use planningdebugreadinessdiscovery- platform APIs - app publishing- sales analytics- IDEs, SDKs, samples & docs- distribution agreements - usage analytics- UI creation tools- billing providers - runtime profiling- content creation tools - in-app advertising- user ratings mgmt- debugging & profiling tools - paid apps - user support- forums, sites and tech support - virtual goods - app updates- test frameworks- revenue share- privacy compliance- porting tools - payment settlement22Page 22Copyright VisionMobile 2012 23. Usage of tools vary by platformsUse of services and tools by primary platform (n=2,898) Services(&(Tools(for(developers((n=2,898)(50%$46%$43%$ 39%$38%$40%$34%$31%$ 28%$29%$30%$27%$ 25%$ 25%$ 22%$ 21%$20%$ 19%$ 21%$20%$ 18%$16%$ 15%$15%$ 15%$ 15%$13%$ 9%$ 9%$9%$9%$10%$ 8%$7%$ 6%$ 6%$ 7%$5%$5%$ 4%$0%$Ad$networks$ User$analy;cs$ Cross$pla?orm$tools$ Bug$tracking$services$ BackFend$as$a$Service$ Cross$promo;on$Voice$services$networks$Android$BlackBerry$HTML$iOS$ Windows$Phone$Source: VisionMobile, Developer Economics 2013 | www.DeveloperEconomics.comLicensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License Copyright VisionMobile 2012Page 23 24. build.DeveloperEconomics.com {Beta}TripAdvisor for building a successful app businessWhich platform? Developer tools How to reach more users?Budget planning How to reduce costs?How to engage them?Revenue expectationsHow to improve time-to- How to monetize your usersWhich business model?market?more effectively?Which region/market?Lean mobile development24 24Page Copyright VisionMobile 2012 25. Thanks for listening!Knowledge. Passion. Innovation. michael@visionmobile.com Michael Vakulenko | Strategy Director | +44 2033 844166 Updated: 12 November 2010Copyright VisionMobile 2012Page 25 Copyright VisionMobile 2011 26. want more?http://visionmobile.com/strategy Mobile Innovation Economics learn the rules of ecosystem gameand asymmetric competition Telco Innovation Toolboxeconomic and strategy tools for rethinking telco business Copyright VisionMobile 2012Page 26