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Nothing will happen unless YOU first make it happen! FOR RM55/RM360, YOU get 1. BULK SMS SOFTWARE (mobile marketing) / CLASSIFIED LISTING (www.1whp.cc) 2. PERSONAL WEBSITE FOR SHARING ONLINE (www.1whp.biz/yourname) 3. OPERATED BY BOTH WEB & SMS (M-Commerce) 4. WORLDWIDE POTENTIAL & FINANCIAL FREEDOM IN 1 - 3 YEARS MAKE THE BEST USE OF YOUR RM55/RM360 NOW, ASK YOUR INTRODUCER HOW!! Can your job/business give you The Power to Multiply YOUR TIME and INCOME? Break free using the concepts of building networks! User friendly ways to build network worldwide! Achieved financial dreams in 1-3 years for once and for all! New Thinking, New Possibilities! Create Wealth thru selling Software and Building Networks! Harnest the power of networking & not depends on oneself No expensive consumable products, no monthly maintain Software as products instead of health foods Lowest entry for easiest duplications Instant Worldwide potential Daily withdrawal to bank services Real Time bonus notification by SMS Hybrid marketing plan M-commerce platform (Operations by SMS) 20 BOB helping each others for Package J50/B36 Uphold Commitment Bring Success concepts! Matrix Auto Placing 62 committed partners (M62) for Package T50/S20 Yearly renewal income FREE classified listing in www.1whp.cc

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  • 1.SELAMAT DATANG KE1whp.net

2. 80 % RAKYAT MALAYSIA BERPENDAPATAN RM NEGATIF ! 3. Tetapi segalanya memerlukan DUIT..$DUIT$BETULBukan semua masalah boleh diselesaikan dengan DUIT.Tetapi banyak masalah timbul sebab tiada DUIT.. 4. (How big is your dreams?)How about earning RM6 millions yearly?Capital start with RM55? 5. What you get for Package J50 (RM55) Package B36 RM360 or RM300* direct signup, save RM115* 1. BULK SMS Software J50 RM150 for 1000 sms @RM0.15 B36 RM80 for 1000 sms @RM0.082. Online Classified advertising space for 1 year www.1whp.cc car for sales / room to let / local delights / home stay / tour & travel ..3. Personal Website to promote Online www.1whp.biz/YOURNAME eg. www.1whp.biz/telcobiz 6. REVOLUSI PROGRAM TERKINI TARIK DUIT DENGAN HAND PHONE 7. Ruang Iklan www.1whp.cc 8. www .1whp.netAPA YANG ANDA DAPAT SISTEM B.O.B TERDIRI DARI 20 BOB YANG MENGHASILKAN INCOME PASIF SECARA AUTO ARRANGE DUIT ADVANCE BERNILAI RM 300 + RM 150 ( Nov) BONUS SPONSOR - UNILEVEL HINGGA LEVEL KE 5 Bonus auto maintain 10% - 20% pass-up dari DL 9. Langkah 1 TAIP MESEJ >ProspekApp#Nama anda#No.KP#Alamat penuh Hantar sms ke +6 012-6780470DARI SERVER / REPLY your info is accepted, please contact your introducer now to activate. 10. Langkah 2 TAIP MESEJ >UplineAct#No.Hp Prospek#J50#Id Penaja#Password Hantar sms ke +6 012-6780470 DARI SERVER / REPLY >You have successfully activate 0109999999,RM55 have been deducted... 11. The Easiest Achievable PLATFORM to beMILLIONAIREwithProduct: BULK SMS (SMS Blaster)Sending of SMS (Bulk SMS) using web a/c made EASIER, CHEAPER & PROFITABLEPlan A: J50 (rm55)Plan B: Rm100 (Advanced from company)Starter packageeasiest team building - low entryPotential EarningsRM 1,000,000 J50 (rm55)B36Earn from 20 upline & downline autoarranged TEAMwork system, for EASIEST repeat earnings (When they earn, you also EARN)BOB (Band of Brothers) Earn fr upline & downline auto-arrangePotential Earnings rm100,000+(rm360)Earn 6x more from same networkYOUPotential Earnings RM 6,000,000Smart Income Regenerator System enable LONG TERM passive INCOME www.1whp.net Simple, Much cheaper & Speedy IncomeEach time you earn Bonuses, you receive SMS, in real-time!www.1whp.cc www.1whp.biz/danielking Info: Daniel King 017-621 3601Pg 1 12. Starters packageeasiest team building for long term passive incomeSTARTPromotion! Buy point rm300 get rm600 point (extra rm300 is Limited Period while stocks last! Advance, enough to sponsor direct 10) and system will Autodeduct bonus rm300 (Advance) when you have collected CASH rm550.First stepYOUJ50 (rm55)Auto-UpgradeWhen Sponsor 10 in 30 days, System Auto-Upgrade (Advance rm360)Strategy to achieve Dreams = introduce min. 10 members Can introduce as many as you can, the more you introduce, the more you will earnStep 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 One rm20 rm20 rm20 rm20 rm20 rm20 rm20 rm20 rm20 rm20rm20 x 10 = rm200 Star Bonus = rm100B36 (rm360) EARN 6x more from same network When Uve upgraded & your downline also upgrade, Rm 120 x 10 = rm1,200(sponsor 10 in 30 days)TwoThreeStep Two torm5rm5rm5rm5 x 100 = rm500Rm 30 x 100 = rm3,000rm5rm5rm5rm5 x 1,000 = rm5,000Rm 30 x 1,000 = rm30,000rm5rm5rm5 rm5Five FourFiveisDuplication at Work Auto-Compress You can earn more than 5 Levels *refer Mktg Plan in Sales Kitrm10x 10,000 = rm50,000Dreams to achieve x 100,000 = rm 1,000,000Rm 30 x 10,000 = rm300,000 Rm 60 x 100,000 = rm 6,000,000Why MANY can SUCCEED in this biz If can achieved 10% = rm100,000 + rm600,000 - Entry from rm55, The LOWEST in half a year + another half year - REAL-TIME bonus payment, The FASTEST TOTAL earnings in 1 year = rm 700,000 + - NO need pairing, The BEST Achieve your DREAMS with rm55 - Bonus CAN be used to ACTIVATE, TRANSFER, WITHDRAW to BANK, The EASIEST & complete STEP 1 - All transactions using SMS, NO COMPETITION Advertising web www.1whp.cc Promo URL www.1whp.biz/danielking www.1whp.net Simple, Much cheaper & Speedy Income Info: Daniel King 017-621 3601 Pg 4 13. Server Upgrading on 12.01am 7Sep 11.35pm 8Sep, therefore No Business ActivitiesPendapatan 5-angka seminggu TerBUKTI 5-figure Income a week, PROVEN Fuyoh!!! Just started & its PROVEN can achieved 4-figure income daily with just rm55 entry ONLY. NOW, everyone can EARN BIG & FAST, EASILY!!!Sistem KeJAYAan TerKINI, Cara MUDAH di ikuti, Keuntungan Lumayan TerBUKTI. www.1whp.net Simple, Much cheaper & Speedy IncomeAdvertising web www.1whp.cc Promo URL www.1whp.biz/danielkingLatest SUCCESSFUL systems, Easy STEPS to follow, Lucrative income PROVEN!!! Info: Daniel King 017-621 3601Pg 2 14. What Move Should You Take? ACT NOW !!! PURCHASE POINTS NOW !!! KEEP MOVING NOW !!! BEST TIME TO ACT, NOT TO WAIT, NOT LATER, NOT HOLD ON, NOT TOMORROW, NOT NEXT WEEK, NOT ALSO SOME OTHER TIMES, BUT:NOW !!BORN POOR IS NOT YOUR MISTAKE, THE BIGGEST MISTAKE IS WHEN YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO DIE POOR 15. COWARDS DIES MANY TIMES 16. Produk Pasaran yang + yang masih + Berrevolusi DaraSistem yang terbukti BerjayaPELUANG PERNIAGAAN YANG BOLEH MENGUBAH KEHIDUPAN ANDA !!! 17. Managed by Faith Computer System (PG0001433-x) Incorporated in Penang, Malaysia since 1994 Address: 1-4-03, Jalan P.Ramlee, 10460 Penang, Malaysia. Email: info@1whp.netMr. Aaron Ong CEO Mr. Ringo Coldenhoff Director of MarketingEn. Rozali bin Abdullah Director of OperationMaybank A/C No: 507095507104 (Bank Swift code MBBEMYKL)Mr. Max Wong Technical Advisor1994 - DOS Business Applications 1998 - Windows Business Applications 2001 - WEB Business Applications 2010 - WEB/SMS Marketing Affiliate ApplicationsPn Rohana Bt. Ramli Sales & Marketing Advisor