Alibaba Taobao China - Operation Procedure

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  • Operation Procedure Taobao in China Company Background Shop Registration Procedure Payment Delivery Procedure Marketing in Taobao + Tmall Prepared by Charlotte Lee 2013 Oct
  • Company background B2B 370 M members 80M Product qty 3650K Selling qty 195M Daily Transaction Traffic 80% Market share 60M
  • Customer Characteristic Customer Characteristic 6 main province along coast including Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangzhou Taobao buyer average monthly salary 7030 SourceCNNIC
  • Vendor Application Procedure 7 days Seller has Bank account in China Apply account in Personal account application Taobao verify ID card Product photo & details (at least 10) Chinese ID Card copy need to provide Taobao verify bank account with ID Promotion, Event, A ds Alipay link up with Seller Bank account Alipay verification Sign up agreement Need to pass Exam AUTHORIZATION Logic, customer service, invoiceet c. SHOP OPEN Alipay Account OPEN SHOP PLATFORM SET UP Application is more simple than TMALL
  • Payment Payment is same as TMALL
  • Delivery Optimization Taobao logistic Traditional C2C logistic Receive order, SCM, replenishment, package Taobao logistic Receive order SCM Goods Touch point Courier pick-up, delivery Goods Touch point Package, Buyer receive goods, Seller collect $ Goods Touch point Delivery Buyer receive goods Goods Touch point Seller collect $$
  • Delivery Optimization Taobao logistic 1Service Charge Delivery Charge include warehouse, product pickup, security, storage insurance Courier Charge varies destination and courier selection Package material 2Payment : Early Month 3Analysis Pros Cons Delivery efficiency Trust Lower business cost Goods ownership Economic of scales Industrial standard
  • Free of Charge Marketing in Taobao Free-Of-Charge Traffic SEO, Community, Fan Click apply link, my favorite function VIP buyer club, VIP shop list Coupon, Trial sample forum, Tao $$ scheme Official events & promotion activities
  • Free of Charge Marketing in Taobao
  • Paid Marketing in Taobao Paid Service Hot sell shop Ads, banner CRM system Gift after reach certain sales amount Discount Time Official e-magazine ads
  • THANK YOU This presentation focus on how Taobao operate in China. Other B2B and B2C platform operation system will be summarizing and compare in last section New brand + e-commerce strategy in China Prepared by Charlotte Lee 2013 Oct