Assertive Strategy: Content Amid Constraints at Content Strategy Applied

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We live in a world where people jump from Red Bull-branded satellites all in the name of good content. But is it really good—and is it right for our brands? Content strategy gives content marketing the tools to be sane and sustainable. Margot discusses how a more sustainable future means addressing the limits of budget, time, and creativity with content management, strategy, governance, and more. That’s the stuff that keeps logos off satellites and our content creators off high ledges. Presented at Content Strategy Applied, #CSAUSA / #CSA13, October 17, 2013, in San Jose at eBay.

Text of Assertive Strategy: Content Amid Constraints at Content Strategy Applied

  • 1. Assertive strategy: Content amid constraints Margot Bloomstein @mbloomstein #CSAUSA October 17, 2013

2. Congratulations. 3. Is this good? Right for your brand? Sensible? Sane? Sustainable? 4. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 4So, about content marketing. 2013 5. Content marketing is unavoidable, inevitable and thats a good thing. 6. Content marketing is one way but not the only wayto execute on content strategy. 7. Life without industry is guilt, and industry without art is brutality. John Ruskin 8. Advocate for practical, sustainable craft. Own your work product and process. 9. Constraints 10. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 10 2013 11. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 11Constraints, real and self-imposed 2013 12. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 12Constraints, external and internal 2013 13. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 13 2013 14. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 14Constraints, external and internal 2013 15. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 15If Im out with a customer, Im not working on a blog post. But check out the blog; youll learn a lot and then we can talk more. 2013 16. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 16Content strategy is a map Content strategy is a map through the opportunity costs through the opportunity costs of communication. of communication. 2013 17. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 17Strategy is just using limited resources to accomplish a goal. John Eckman (@jeckman) Make tough choices. 2013 18. Clarity of purpose: Start with a message architecture; drive it through an editorial calendar 19. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 19Lindt & Sprngli message architecture Premium Lindt embodies quality, in product, marketing, & company interactions Approachable: Quality indulgences are more accessible Trusted in brand and quality Empowering Entrepreneurial: Innovating, championing individuals and successes Market driving: strategic and proactive Professional and consistent through experience and being responsive Community-minded Engaged with the Lindt family Customer-oriented Socially conscious 2013 20. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 20 2013 21. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 21 2013 22. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 22 2013 23. Scorn waste: Invest in granular content management structured for reuse 24. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 24 2013 25. Share and socialize the work: Invest in guidelines and training so others contribute 26. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 26 Furman University 2013 27. Break the box: Balance consistency with surprise, like content and concepts new to the industry 28. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 28This is not real. 2013 29. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 29This is real. 2013 30. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 30This is real. Stand up for it and your content and yourself. 2013 31. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 31Stop putting awesome on a pedestal. 2013 32. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 32Embrace your reality with clarity, structure, and governance. 2013 33. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 33Embrace your reality with clarity, structure, and governance. You, your content, and your brand deserve nothing less. 2013 34. @mbloomstein | #CSAUSA 34Margot Bloomstein @mbloomstein you. All images property of their respective owners or Margot Bloomstein as noted. 2013