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A presentation about the book "Tuned In" - Uncovering the Extraordinary Opportunities That Lead to Business Breakthroughs

Text of Becoming "Tuned In"

  • 1. Becoming TUNED IN Craig Stull, Phil Myers & David Meerman Scott A presentation by Bill Gammell about the bookTUNED IN

2. apresentation by Bill Gammell (a fan of the book TUNED IN) 3. Help! 4. Whatsup? 5. Mywidgetsarent selling and I have a sales presentation on Tuesday and 6. Wait, wait.S-l-o-w down. 7. The reason your widgets arent selling is because theyrenotresonators . 8. Resowhat? 9. Aresonator .Its like this 10. res o na tor [rez- uh -ney-ter] - noun 1.A product or service so powerful it sells itself. 2.An offering that connects to what your market values most. 11. I still dontget it. 12. Well, can you think ofa brand that solvesa problemso wellitsells itself? 13. Umm I got nothing. 14. Why do I alwaysget stuck withthe winners?! 15. Let me give yousomeexamples 16. 17. 18. 19. Mmm Double tall,haf-caf vanilla 20. focus,my friend. 21. You see, aresonator is a product or servicelike Starbucks,American Idol or Google. 22. But I aint noGoogle. 23. True.But youcan follow a proven6-stepmethodto help you uncover your resonator. 24. Hey! I once followed astep program.But Ithink there were 12steps??I remember when I first joined, I 25. F-O-C-U-S! 26. Oh, sorry.So, what arethesteps ? 27. Let meshow you. 28. Step One : Find unresolved problems 29. Step Two : Understand buyer personas 30. Step Three : Measure theimpact 31. Step Four : Create breakthrough experiences 32. Step Five : Articulate powerful ideas 33. Step Six : Establish authentic connections 34. Hold on. Steptwo Understand buyer 35. Clueless. 36. On second thought, let me just give you this ... 37. Whats this? 38. Afantastic bookthatwill walk you throughthe entire process. 39. I canfeelits power! 40. Yepits prettypowerful stuff. 41. Now, you, too canunleash the power ! 42. Become TUNED IN by 43. listening to your CUSTOMERS and 44. your POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS 45. and buying this book. 46. More information:

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