Briefing social media’s most powerful channel

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The Mistake 9 Out of 10 Marketing Professionals Make When Using This Tool and How to Exploit It to Help Drive Traffic, Increase Leads and Sales

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  • 1. ... And The Mistake 9 Out of 10 of Marketing ProfessionalsMake In Using It Alex Milo B2B Copywriting & Consulting
  • 2. The B2B Marketing world is changing.Are you changing with it? Have you and your company changed with it? According to HubSpot: 78% of Internet users do product research online. 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through blogging. Over 200 million Americans have registered with the Do Not Call list.2/24/2013 Alex Milo/B2B Copywriting & Consulting 2
  • 3. Blogs are considered themost effective social networkfor B2B prospecting. BtoB survey and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA),20102/24/2013 Alex Milo/B2B Copywriting & Consulting 3
  • 4. Only 15% of brands respond customers via social media communities, and 7% listen via blogs. 7% Listen To Blogs 8% Discussion 21% Forums Surveys 12% Advisory Boards 19% 15% Call Social Media Centers Communities 18% Company websites 2012 Marketing Industry Report, Social Media Examiner2/24/2013 Alex Milo/B2B Copywriting & Consulting 4
  • 5. According to Mike Volpe HubSpots VP of Marketing Blogs generate 55% more website traffic than companies that dont and they get 97% more links coming in to their sites.Handley, Ann and C.C. Chapman, Content Rules, John Wiley and Sons, Hoboken, N.J., 2012. Bloggings Applicability to Customer Buying Phases Has need Maintain visibility Recognize need Have the right product Establish urgency Make it easy to buy Create company awareness Continue relationship Create product awareness2/24/2013 Alex Milo/B2B Copywriting & Consulting 5
  • 6. Blogging ranked #2 (behind Google+) in social media tools marketers wantto learn more about.Social Media Examiner 2/24/2013 Alex Milo/B2B Copywriting & Consulting 6
  • 7. 1. Effectiveness: Generate leads and drivesales with opt-in content and soft sell withcase studies.2. Efficiency: Blogging is cheaper thantraditional marketing, hands-down, according to55% of companies surveyed.3. Branding: With a diverse customer base you needto ensure your message remains consistent and on point.4. Thought Leadership: Blogging isnt a frivolous endeavor that deals withissues on a superficial level. Whitepapers can be posted one section at a time.5. Customer Retention: By blogging consistently and constantly with infectiouscontent, youll develop a loyal following.2/24/2013 Alex Milo/B2B Copywriting & Consulting 7
  • 8. Blogging isnt a flash-in-the-pan Its not only popular, its growthin B2B markets is persistent. Its a myth that B2B marketers lag their B2C peers in adopting social media. The reality is that B2B marketers are leading their counterparts in the B2C community 81% vs. 67%. B2B Digital Marketing2/24/2013 Alex Milo/B2B Copywriting & Consulting 8
  • 9. The number one way to see a significant improvement almost immediately is to leverage your prospects and customers feedback. Its shrewd and profitable. 9 out of 10 of your competitors fail to exploit this advantage today. Less than 2 out of 10 of your competitors take advantage of blogs direct and real-time communications in responding to customers.2/24/2013 Alex Milo/B2B Copywriting & Consulting 9
  • 10. Your prospects and customers are telling you what they want. When they post their feedback to your blog, theyre telling you what influences their purchase decisions. If you decide to take advantage of this gross oversight by your competitors, I urge you to call me at 256-289-3212 or by fax at 256-217-4483. Tell me what youd like to accomplish, and Ill help you engage your prospects and customers by blogging Call 256-289-3212 or send a fax to 256-217-4483, today and lets discuss your goals and objectives.2/24/2013 Alex Milo/B2B Copywriting & Consulting 10