Building A Powerful Center of Influence

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  • 1. Introduction Breandan Filbert

2. 3 Principles of SalezWORKS Programs 1 To get what you want you must help others get what they want2Focus on quality over quantity of relationships3 Focus on follow up and follow through 3. Start Right!Evaluate your current C of IFind ResourcesDevelop Referral PartnersIncrease sales!!Stop Wasting Time with theWrong People!!! 4. Definition of InfluenceNoun Power or authority arising fromelevated station, excellence ofcharacter or intellect, wealth, etc.VerbTo control or move by power,physical or moral; to affect bygentle action; to exert aninfluence upon; to modify, bias,or sway; to affect; to move; topersuade; to induce. 5. AnalysisSStrengthsW WeaknessesO OpportunitiesT Threats 6. What do you Influence?$ $$ $O Business Strategy & DirectionO Financial DecisionsVP Human Capital (hire & fire) O FamilyVP Vendor SelectionOM FacilityOM Products OM Resources? Where to go for coffee 7. Poll How often are youcontacted as a resource?A Frequently B Occasionally C Never 8. Expanding Your Circle of InfluenceWho do youInfluence? 9. Exercise your C of IChiefExecutiveSemiAnnualReview 10. Preparation is Key to Success ResearchCompanyIndustry CompetitorsVendors Clients 11. Who Else?Do your clients go to for advice?Money TalentStrategy 12. The Joyof AccountRetention 13. Now What? Evaluate your own Center of Influence and find resources strong where you are not Find potential partners who offer services to increase your value proposition Become the Go- To Resource for your clients for all their needs related to your Center of Influence Conduct semi-annual reviews with your best clients to understand their strategic direction, challenges and areas you can provide great resources to accomplish their goals 14. Questions Please address questions toBreandanbfilbert@salezworks.com816-522-8178 15. To learn more about Productive Prospecting Relationships, join us for our upcoming webinar on Building and Leveraging a Powerful Center of Influence Thank You! Contact Breandan via email atbfilbert@salezworks.comHave a great dayand Good Selling!