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  • 1. outdoor75 CAB ADVERTISING IN INDIA Statistics and Options Available for Advertising
  • 2. outdoor75 What Options Do I Have? u Danglers u Product Catalogues u Brochures u Feedback Forms u Gift Vouchers u Games - Puzzles, Crossword etc. u Magazines Internal Branding
  • 3. outdoor75 What Options Do I Have? u Taxi Top u Taxi Side u Rear Side u Vehicle Wrap External Branding
  • 4. outdoor75 What Options Do I Have? u EL stickers are connected to the Brake-lights of cab u Whenever driver applies brake, these stickers glow along with brake lights u They are very eye catching especially during night time Electroluminescent Stickers
  • 5. outdoor75 What Options Do I Have? Voice Over u Works like jingle on radio but with no clutter. u The voice over or jingle is played twice for each customer (once when the meter is turned on and once when it is turned off) u On an average 6 trips are done per Meru cab per day. u Therefore 360 mentions per month per cab. u 360 mentions of 30 seconds each on radio would cost around Rs. 3,00,000 to 4,00,000
  • 6. outdoor75 Why Cab Advertising? Cabs go everywhere so the message can be seen by everyone Inside the car the passenger is captive hence more receptive to the message Message is at eye level therefore difficult to ignore Passenger would be in car for at least 40 minutes so interactive campaigns can be executed Significantly lower cost when compared to traditional media or billboards Exclusive visibility within the cab away from the clutter Its possible to measure and track the reach and impact of your campaign Cabs are used by city high fliers, shoppers with money to spend and tourists and visitors visiting. Cab Advertising is 80% cheaper than Billboards and has the same reach
  • 7. outdoor75 Advantages over Billboards
  • 8. outdoor75 Maximum Reach, Minimum Cost Mobile billboards have high reach and low cost per impression
  • 9. outdoor75 Reach of Cab Branding More than 1 million passengers per month 98% of commuters belong to SEC A 70% of the daily commuters are Corporate 20% commuters are Housewives (decision- makers) Each trip lasts for at least 45-60 minutes Cabs are used for travel to business meetings Cabs are increasingly used for entertainment such as shopping, cinema visits, dine- outs They are also used for transport of school- going kids safely
  • 10. outdoor75 Customer Profile
  • 11. outdoor75 Who to contact? Outdoor 75 Call: (+91) 9818 99 1548 Email: Reach: 1975, Sector 45, Gurgaon, India You can contact us for exploring other media options. Supported by keen consumer insight, analysis and experience, Outdoor 75 is one of the most efficient media buying and planning networks in the country today.