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  • 1. Career ClustersBy Dave Link

2. Cluster #1 Architecture and Construction Plumber Carpenter Heating and air-conditioning mechanic andinstaller 3. Plumber Work activities- Observing, and receiving, obtaining information from relevant sources Use hands and arms in handling, positioning, installing, and movingmaterials Performing physical activities and operating machines. Project Growth- (2010-2020) Faster than average (20% to 28%)Overall I think I would enjoy this career. I like to workwith my hands, solve things, and put things together. 4. Carpenter Work Activities- A carpenter must Construct, install, or repair structures made out ofmaterials such as wood and concrete forms. They also may install cabinets, siding, drywall, and insulation. Study specifications in plans such as blueprints and sketches Project Growth- (2010-2020) Faster than average (20% to 28%)Overall I think this career is something I could do in the future. I grew up doing carpentry with my dad in the house and I enjoy working with my hands 5. Heating and air-conditioning mechanic and installer Work Activities- Test electrical circuits, pipes, and equipment Join materials such as pipes together to complete circuits Lay out and connect electrical wiring between controls and equipment, according to diagrams. Project Growth- (2010-2020) Faster than average (20% to 28%)This career is interesting. We will always needJobs like this and I feel I may be good at it because of myinterest in solving things and putting things together. 6. Cluster #2 Business, Managementand Administration Court reporter Computer Programmer Computer and Information Systems Managers 7. Court Reporter Work Activities- Use verbatim methods and equipment to capture, retrieve,store, and transcribe trial notes and other information. Take notes in shorthand or use a stenotype. Provide transcripts of proceedings upon request of judges,lawyers, and public. Project Growth- Projected growth (2010-2020) Average (10% to 19%)After researching this career I dont think I am interested in it. Ido not like to take notes and my ability to take notes accurateand quickly arent that great. 8. Computer Programmer Work Activities- Create programs and applications for computers to run bywriting in code. Analyze and design software solutions Develop programs to store, locate, and receivedocuments. Project Growth- Projected growth (2010-2020) Average (10% to 19%)Overall this career is interesting to me. I tried computer science classes at school and although I struggled I enjoyed the class. 9. Computer and InformationSystems Managers Work Activities- Plan and coordinate activities in fields such as electronic dataprocessing, information systems/analysis, and computerprogramming. Review project plans for planning and coordinating activity. Develop and interpret organizational goals and procedures. Project Growth- Projected growth (2010-2020) Average (10% to 19%)Although I think this career is interesting my organizationand planning skills have not been that well in highschool. I will still look into this career.