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Business Ethics Case Study on Hurricane Katrina

Student NameLiu Ming Muhammad AliMuhammad Idress EaqubNasif ChowdhuryFemi Seri Okuola

Homeland Security & its StrategyReaction on 9/11Centralizing response to National threats22 DepartmentsMultidivisional structureHighest priority: terrorism

Organizational Structure of Homeland securities

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Used to be represented in Presidents CabinetRestructured after 9/11 as Department of HSLess funds and resourcesTerror threat reduction prioritized

History of Hurricane Katrina

On Monday morning 29 August 2005 Hurricane Katrina struck south American state of Louisiana, rushing quickly inland to the city of New Orleans.Over the next few days people saw the horror of the hurricane caused 1836 people death.25000 hungry and thirsty people stranded on rooftops for several days due to the notorious hurricane.Six month after the hurricane more than half of the New Orleans people do not returned to their city.

Hurricane Katrina affected area

Q2. in the light of the strategy what if any changes should be made to the departmental organizational structure after hurricane katrina ?

Homeland Security should be more effective to cope with the hurricane disasters The head of FEMA should be more active during the recovery process of hurricaneAll the staff of FEMA should response effectively for handling hurricane disasterspeople should be provided securities to their house and sufficient transports to move in safe area in case of hurricane

ContinuedThere should be rehabitation planning for the 20000 refugee There should be sufficient budget for New Orleans Engineering Corporation for the protecting the cityFire service and civil defense authority should be more organized to support the victims of hurricane

Q3. Who was responsible for the organizational failure surrounding the response to hurricane Katrina?The destruction caused by hurricane katrina was due to natural causes but the damaged was increased due to organizational failure of FEMALocal FEMA officer warned Homeland Securities head 2 days before KatrinaFEMA called for transport, food and other resources but that did not arrived1 day before Katrina, all resources was not arrivedMayor New Orleans ordered evacuationHomeland Securities had double verification for leave of employees, but none responsible officer available to approve the emergency transport, food, water and other resourses

ContinuedMicheal Chertoff Secretary Homeland SecuritiesFEMA budget and resources was reducedHomeland Securities required double verification for any emergency actionLate briefing by Homeland Securities PresidentFEMA seem to be bypassedA consignment of food packets from UK was returned due to the Mad Cow disease