Consulting Industry in India - Problems, Solutions, Opportunities

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Text of Consulting Industry in India - Problems, Solutions, Opportunities

  • 1. Consulting Industry in India Problems Solutions Opportunities

2. Consulting at a Glance

  • The Indian Consulting Industry has been growing at a much higher pace in the recent years.
  • The consulting industry has witnessed a considerable increase in the number of new comers in this field exploring all the industries.
  • The main aim has always been to gain market share in this highly consolidated and competitive environment, primarily by capitalizing on the pertinent factors driving it.

3. To Talk Numbers

  • APAC Asia Pacific consulting industry generated$33.5 billion as revenues in 2008 and is expected to reach 39.2 billion by 2012.
  • The consulting industry is growing at a CAGR of 4.1% since 2007
  • India contributes to 5.4% of the total revenue compared to japan which contributes 67.2%.
  • Corporate Strategy, Outsourcing Services, Human Resource Management, and Operations Management have been some of the prominent business divisions in the consulting market.

4. 5.

  • Acquiring the right set of talent
      • The expertise and right set of manpower can provide meaningful insights with optimum clarity and offer strategic advisory solutions on diverse subjects
  • Challenges to the firm in matching the clients requirements
      • The clients needs always being far from what is to offered, it is real problem as the flexible and multitasking expertise is still not available which remains a challenge.

Then what is the problem 6.

  • Outsourcing to India acts as a challenge as well as driver:
      • From a consulting firms perspective, though this factor helps expansion and globalization, companies feel that it restrains the company development and growth in the outsourced regions.
      • These are also some of the challenges that small and emerging consulting firms in India face
  • Market as a Challenge affects routine businesses:
      • Volatile market conditions affects consulting firms.


  • Maintaining long-term relationships with clients affects the long-term existence of the firm
      • Indian consulting market is more or less a buyers market.
      • More than convincing the companies to sign-up proposals, factors such as cost-benefit ratios, value added services and so on play a pivotal role.
  • Competition : Not a healthy thing for small players to grow
      • Big and established players dominate the market for strategy consulting with nearly three-fourth of the market share in their hands leaving a little for the upcoming ones.


  • Increasing rate of attrition affects the organizational growth:
    • This problem has been rampant in Indian firms due to a plethora of reasons being the following
      • Poor Pay
      • Poor Career Development
      • Poor Projects
      • Office Politics
      • Poor Management
      • Work/life Balance

9. 10. The Soultion

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