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Learn content marketing strategy and conducting keyword research for content marketing ideas. This presentation was part of Instant E-Training Content Marketing Intensive 2013 Certification Program presented at SEMPO Chicago event at Techweek Chicago 2013.

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  • 1.Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization

2. Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization Agenda About SEMPO How We Are Organized Staff Chairs & Committees Global Activity Research SEMPO Institute How Do I Get Involved? 3. About SEMPO Global non-profit with 900+ SEMPO members, representing thousands in 40+ countries Membership includes traditional agencies, interactive agencies, in-house marketers, individual search and technology Produce the industrys most comprehensive market research annually, 6 years running We invest in education, research and thought leadership We are building community locally and globally Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization 4. About SEMPO Chicago Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization SEMPO Chicago is a local working group for SEMPO members and other interested search engine marketing professionals in the Chicagoland area. SEMPO Chicago provides awareness about SEM and other emerging technologies in the local market. SEMPO Chicago has members representing agencies, publishers, free agents, and In-House marketers. Meetings aim to provide original content, expose new faces, address pressing topics, and celebrate the Chicago search marketing industry. 5. Local and Global Activity Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization Active working group New working groups for 2009-2010 SEMPO working groups create a needed space for education, content and networking at the local level 6. Global Activity Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization Japan Beijing Mumbai European Summit New York Prague Scandinavia Canada Arizona New York 7. Local Activity Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization Local Events 8. How Do I Get Involved? Join! - $125 Circle Members General Members Individual Members Get Active Locally Help us plan future Chicagoland-area events Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization 9. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION 10. @IETraining The following presentation as part of Instant E-Trainings Content Marketing Intensive 11. @IETraining Building Your Content Marketing Strategy Heidi Cohen Riverside Marketing Strategies 12. @IETraining Heidi Cohen President Riverside Marketing Strategies Has integrated, social media & content marketing experience. Simplifies complex concepts behind todays evolving marketing challenges. Teaches graduate level marketing at various universities & develops and delivers corporate training. Writes for various publications & clients. Blogs at, Top 10 Social Media & Content Marketing blog. For more information check: 13. @IETraining Content growth is exponential! 14. @IETraining 1. Delivers high quality information 2. Is void of promotion 3. Breaks through clutter to attract attention 4. Educates & entertains target audience 5. Positions brand, product, company &/or spokesperson 6. Engages prospects, customers & public 7. Influences customers & decision makers What is Content Marketing? Source: 15. @IETraining 1. Is trusted by customers 2. Supports purchase process 3. Feeds social media 4. Delivers your message multiple times so customers believe it 5. Is relatively less expensive (though NOT free!) Why do you need Content Marketing? 16. @IETraining Establish content marketing goals Know your target audience Determine information needs Select content formats Tell your story Brand your content Create editorial calendar Optimize content for search Distribute & promote content Track content marketing results Key Take-aways: Content Marketing Checklist 17. @IETraining ABOUT YOUR PRESENTER President of Vertical Measures A Search, Social & Content Marketing Agency Been an Internet marketer longer than Google has existed. 18. @IETraining 19. @IETraining WHAT ARE WE SEARCHING FOR? 20. @IETraining Do you know how many answers were provided just yesterday? Over 4.7 billion! 72% of the time Im looking for answers & information. Will I find your business? 21. @IETraining Long Tail is the Key! 22. @IETraining START WITH RESEARCH 23. @IETraining KNOW YOUR KEYWORDS 24. @IETraining More Keyword Research ToolsGoogle Keyword Suggest Relate Searches 25. @IETraining More Keyword Research Tools YouTube Related Searches 26. @IETraining 27. @IETraining More than 410 questions about visit the grand canyon (exact match). 28. @IETraining Long tail searches are the key to success! 29. @IETraining LIST ALL CONTENT IDEAS IN A SPREADSHEET 30. @IETraining PUT TOGETHER AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR 31. @IETraining workshop/content-marketing-training Register this week and save an extra 20% - Use Coupon Code CMSEMPO13