Creating a New Public Affairs Industry for Social Innovation in Japan

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Creating a New Public Affairs Industry for Social Innovation in Japan

Creating a New Public Affairs Industry for Social Innovation in Japan

Ko Fujii

Who we areMakaira is a new type of public affairs company focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and civic engagement.


Public affairs is

Market StrategyNon- Market Strategy

Public relationsMarketing communi- cationsPublic AffairsMarketing

Our Mission Innovate society by helping new ideas, new technologies and new businesses gain public support and access to policy-making processes.

Why we started this companyJapan is entrenched in the 20th century model of business and society.It is necessary to make new ideas and voices be heard by Japanese policymakers, industry leaders, and the public. 20

However, with traditionally weak civil society and lacking a public affairs industry, Japan lacks communications and advocacy proffesionals to promote new ideas and voices. Why we started this company

That is where we come in. With expertise in public policy and communications, We advocate for the innovators.

20th century Japan

Big GovernmentBig MediaBig BusinessesBig Pressure Groups

Collusive relationship among big stakeholders traditionally with in-house lobbyists meant no need for independent public affairs agencies.

21th century Japan -- system falling apart; new players in the scene.

New MediaCivil SocietyNew Businesses

Big Pressure GroupsBig MediaBig BusinessesBig Government21

ISSUESSOLUTIONFailing EconomyEntrepreneurshipNew technologyNew social designCommunity engagementYouth EmpowermentVibrant Culture

Aging Society Rural depopulationRising intolarance

Connecting voices (and funding) in the new networked world

Big Pressure Groups

Big MediaBig BusinessesBig GovernmentNew BusinessesNew MediaCivic Society

Its connecting this...

with this...

Project examplesPromoting new rules for Sharing Economy

E-government and Civic Tech Promotion

Promoting ICT for Rural Revitalization ICT

Promoting ICT for HealthcareICT

Project examplesFlexible Copyright for Creative Culture

Promoting Social Impact Investment

Promoting Digital Diplomacy

No.1 Innovation FocusWe only take on projects that have some elements of innovation -- whether it be business, technological, social, or cultural. We dont take on projects simply to protect the status quo.

How we are different: 3 basic principles

No.2 Social GoodWe only take on projects that we believe have a definite positive social impact. Even when some stakeholoders disagree, we want to be confident about the ultimate positive effect of our project.

How we are different: 3 basic principles

No.3 No Rent-seekingRent-seeking is seeking to increase one's share of existing wealth without creating new wealth, through means such as regulatory capture. We strongly denounce rent-seeking and will not take part in it.

How we are different: 3 basic principles

Advocacy for Innovation

Thank you.