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The Low Budget Filmmaker StoryFilmFundr + ESDCan a $100K film have a stronger impact than a $100M film?

Paranormal activity Budget 15KParanormal Activity Gross $107,918,810

Jupiter Ascending Budget $176MJupiter Ascending Gross $183M

Why?Social SentimentCord CuttingYoutubeDigital DistributionUser Generated ContentOver The Top DistributionContent LocalizationFinance Vertical Consolidation

Filmfundr + ESDExamined the last 5 years of the ESD NY in Film Program and cross referenced it with 126 data sources and 100 years of Film data. We then produced a rough forecast of how the program will perform over the next 5 years.

Film StudentsThe program has been a great boost to the city, added focus on film students and low budget filmmakers would make the program a even better initiative Our existing data in this area and expertise are at the ESDs disposal to create a boost that will last decades.

Where we are36% Film Student Dropout Rate52% Unemployment among film majors one year after graduating13K median salary of an average film student in NYC70% of Film student respondents unaware of program64% Graduation Rate

Where we could be10% Film Student dropout rate20% Unemployment Among Film Majors25K Median Salary100% Engagement with Film student community84% graduation rate>$10bn of connected economic activity in addition to the $9bn generated already

How?Filmfundr + ESD Public Private Partnership ModelFilmfundr Distribution Bidding ModelFilmfundr Tax Education and Funding facilitationContent Based Valuation and Exchange Film Employment Focused events and workshops

The Ask.

ESD Introduces Filmfundr to schools or other entities who can benefit from its data services and distribution facilitationThe ESD advises Filmfundr on which initiatives to apply to for funding.We move the low budget film community forward - together.FF + ESD Diversify film and entertainment.

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