Foundation for Sustainable Development Marketing Strategy Brief

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  • 1. ABOUT ME

2. BUSINESS & FUND DEVELOPMENT Increase University Partnerships Build Corporate Partnerships, CSR Program Increase Participation with Training Programs Form Strategic Partnerships Lead Mid-year & Annual Fundraising Campaigns 3. GLOBAL SCHOLARS PROGRAM PARTNERSHIP WITH JUMA VENTURES 4. SIX WORD MEMOIR: She literally meant THE ENTIRE FAMILY. -- Stacey Lambert 5. Deliver Key Messages, Word of Mouth Marketing Speak Directly to Audiences Produce a Visually Compelling Brand Provide a Consistent Institutional Voice Create Communication Lego Systems Weave Compelling Statistics Within Messages TELLING FSD'S STORY 6. Ive learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. --Maya Angelou 7. WHATS YOUR ELEVATOR SPEECH? 8. Responses to Distributive Tactics Lead Internal and External Communications Connect Site Teams and SF Headquarters Direct Marketing and Communications Tools Manage SF Headquarters Intern Program Administer Dashboard Reporting to Measure Marketing and Communications Outcomes SERVICE DEPARTMENT 9. Concessions STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN | OUR TACTICAL ROAD MAP ROAD MAP TO SUCCESS 10. APPROACH OF PLAN Social Media | Public Relations | Brand Strategy E-Communications | SEO | Collateral | etc. GOALS CURRENT STRATEGIES RECOMMENDED STRATEGIES ROI OUTCOMES 11. Deloitte partnership will help achieve CSR targets Increased presence on LinkedIn = Great resource for Alumni! Marketing materials are within the organizational brand Content strategy taking shape Asset development from photo contest Fundraising event, Selfless campaign, campaign videos SUCCESS STORIES 12. MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS Business & Fund Development Telling Our Story Service Department THREE POINT TAKEAWAY 13. QUESTIONS? Kevin Slattery | Marketing and Communications Officer | 630-675-0585