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  • 1. CloudFoundryGitHub READMEtnaoto

2. tnaoto CloudFoundry ruby 3. 35YO 4. acm Cloud Foundry Access Control Manager (ACM) The ACM is a service that allows cloud foundrycomponents to implement access controlfeatures. The ACM documentation is at docs/Access-Control-Manager-APIs.rst 20111115 5. bosh BOSH Cloud Foundry BOSH is an open source tool chainfor release engineering, deployment and lifecyclemanagement of large scale distributed services.In this manual we describe the architecture,topology, configuration, and use of BOSH, as wellas the structure and conventions used inpackaging and deployment. 2010818 6. bosh-release README src (deb)tar.gz 20111129 7. bosh-sample-release This is a sample release repository for BOSH thatdeploys a three tier LAMP application: awordpress blog which consists of a number ofapache servers running php & wordpress, frontedby nginx, and using one mysql database forstorage.Mar 06, 2012 8. caldecott caldecottTCP over HTTP tunnel. vmc tunnel 20111021 0.0.5) 9. cf-docs LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative CommonsAttribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License 20124 10. cf-release Cloud Foundry release README patch cfpatch XX-releaseBOSH 201244 11. common This repo contains code that is sharedbetween inner/outer shell 2011319 12. dea 2012516 README railsDEA 2011411 13. eventmachineforked from eventmachine/eventmachine What is EventMachine EventMachine is an event-driven I/O and lightweightconcurrency library for Ruby. It provides event-driven I/Ousing the Reactor pattern, much like JBoss Netty, ApacheMINA, Pythons Twisted, Node.js, libevent and libev. eventmachineCloudFoundry 2003 14. gerrit_test README foobar 2011414 15. gonit 2012516 Nothing to see here yet. Move along. 16. health_manager 2012516 HealthManager 2.0Health Manager 2.0 (HM-2) is a complete re-write of the original Health Manager. HM-2 monitors the state of the applications and ensures that started applicationsare indeed running, their versions and number of instances correct.Conceptually, this is done by maintaining a Known State of applications andcomparing it against the Expected State. When discrepancies are found, actionsare initiated to bring the applications to the Expected State, e.g., start/stopcommands are issued for missing/extra instances, respectively.Additionally, Health Manager collects and exposes statistics and health status forindividual applications, as well as aggregates for frameworks, runtimes, etc. 2012419 17. membrane MembraneMembrane provides an easy to use DSL for specifying validatorsdeclaratively. Its intended to be used to validate data received fromexternal sources, such as API endpoints or config files. Use it at theedges of your process to decide what data to let in and what tokeep out. grepValidationTOOL 2012430 18. micro This repository is currently broken as Ive just pulledthe micro cloud related code from the bosh repository. To get it working again: - switch to the new stemcell builder - change the console code to use the http-based agent 2010818 19. oss-docs There is a Cloud Foundry documentation set for open source developers,and one for users Open Source Developers: users: To make changes to our documentation, follow the [OSSContributions][OSS Contributions] steps and contribute to the oss-docsrepository. boshvcap 2011423 20. oss-release Cloud Foundry OSS Tools Release srcOSS release XX-releaseBOSH 201246 21. oss-tools Cloud Foundry Open Source Tools This repo contains various tools related to orused by Cloud Foundry gerrit-cli pr-bouncesync_jenkins_jobs 22. uaa CloudFoundry User Account andAuthentication (UAA) Server rubyJava maven3.0.4 23. vblob node.js blob service gateway. The blob service provides an S3-compatible HTTP endpointto an underlying storage provider. A driver model is usedfor different providers. Currently the available driversinclude S3 (Amazon web services) or a local file system (FS)driver. CloudFoundry.comEMC 24. vcap VMwares Cloud Application Platform What is Cloud Foundry?Cloud Foundry is an open platform-as-a-service (PaaS). The system supports multipleframeworks, multiple applicationinfrastructure services and deployment tomultiple clouds. 25. vcap-common README vcap_common.gemspecs.homepage = 26. vcap-concurrency ```VCAP::Concurrency provides a small set ofclasses that ease common tasks associatedwith concurrent programming grep 27. vcap-java What is vcap-java ? The vcap-java repo contains Java libraries thatapplications running on Cloud Foundry mayutilize. Applications can include cloudfoundry-runtime library to easily access information aboutservices bound to the app, its environment, aswell as implementation of various namespaceelements. Cloud Foundry automatically includesthe auto-reconfiguration library as needed. 28. vcap-java-client What is this componentThe vcap-java-client repo contains a java clientlibrary and tools for Cloud Foundry. The libraryprovides a set of classes that ultimately call thecore Cloud Foundry REST API Caldecott client maven-pluginJava 29. vcap-node cf-runtime cf-runtime is a Node.js module that providesAPI to Cloud Foundry platform. It provideseasy access to Cloud Foundry applicationproperties and services. 30. vcap-ruby What is this component The vcap-ruby repo contains the auto-reconfigurationand cfruntime modules. cf-runtime is a client librarythat makes it easier to connect to Cloud Foundryservices from your Ruby applications. The auto-reconfiguration module is used internally by the CloudFoundry staging plugins to automatically connect Rubyand Sinatra applications to Cloud Foundry services. 31. vcap-services What is this componentThe services repo contains a collection of samplecloud foundry services.The repo has a position in the overall vcapnamespace at vcap/services and uses the gitsubmodule mechanism to be mounted in thatlocation.The code is exposed via the vcap-services repo. 32. vcap-test-assets What is vcap-test-assets ?The vcap-test-assets repo contains variousassets needed by vcap-tests. It has a positionin the overall vcap namespace at vcap/test-assets and uses the git submodule mechanismto be mounted in that location. 33. vcap-tests What is vcap-tests ? The tests repo contains the basic verification testsused to quickly validate that a release isfunctional. It has a position in the overall vcapnamespace at vcap/tests and uses the gitsubmodule mechanism to be mounted in thatlocation. 34. vcap-tools Repository for Cloud Foundry tools VCAP Metric Collector The collector will discover the various components on the message bus and querytheir /healthz and /varz interfaces. dashboardREADMEJava router_registrar vcap_registrar 35. vmc The VMware Cloud CLI. This is the commandline interface to VMwares ApplicationPlatform 36. vmc-glue README binvmc vmc 37. vmc-lib README 38. vmc-plugins README manifest.yml vmc 39.