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Hands On: Identifying Influencers

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With the media in decline, the dynamics of influence have changed dramatically. Individual bloggers, Twitter members and Facebook fan page administrators can have significant influence over a market, particularly in the B2B realm. This presentation gives you hands-on advice on how to find influential people, engage their attention and cultivate them as lead generation sources. We go in-depth to look at alternative search techniques using tags, social bookmarking sites, blogrolls and user-generated content communities. We also cover steps for reaching out and building long-lasting relationships with these new influencers.

Text of Hands On: Identifying Influencers

  • 1.Identifying and Engaging Online InfluencersPaul Gillin, Author The New Influencers Secrets of Social Media Marketing Social Marketing to the Business Customer

2. New Influencers arePassionate Both Pro and Con Source: Sean Moffitt, BuzzCanuck Desire to InfluenceOthers Brand Engagement Passive Active Reject Favor Traditional Influencers Authoritative 3 rdparties, community leaders, press, govt. Haters Lovers Critics Enthusiasts Skeptics Mainstream Dismissers Followers 3. Meet the new influencers Steve Hall Philipp Lenssen Paige Heninger & Gretchen Vogelzang 4. 5. Hands-on example For an energy management ISV, we want to identify influencers who specialize in building environmentals. 6. Start With A Google Blog Search Tip: Use advanced search! 7. Look for authority and fans This onelooks promising 8. Open and Examine Results Signs to look for Old entries Low interaction Spam blogs Possible competitor? 9. Technorati Rates Blogs Authority ratings show activity, inbound links 10. Profiles showinterests and followers Fans share passion Tag cloud shows interests 11. Signs of Life Multiple social outlets Active comments Advertising Dedicated domain 12. Use Website Grader and 13. Whos Following? Facebook Twitter Inbound links 14. Mining a blog Blogroll leads to relevant sites Who do they link to? 15. Other Venues 3,000 fans 9,000 fans 3,800 members 1,700 members 16. Other Venues 17. Specialty & Multi-contributor 18. Little-Known Listening Gems Social bookmarking sitesSocial Media Search Website Evaluators 19. OK, so now what?

  • Read, comment, understand
  • Reach out with something of value
  • Play to ego, self-importance
  • Treat online influencers as you would the media
  • Engage before you pitch

20. Engagement tactics

  • Invite them into the club
  • Offer links or small promotions
  • Use discounts, giveaways, contests, free trials
  • Never edit or censor what they say
  • Consider affiliate programs

21. How to Engage Dear : I'm a big fan of your site, , and think you provide a tremendous value to the construction trade. I would like you to know about a new site we have just launched... Wrong Right Dear Susie: is a must-read for us here at Energy Efficient Solutions. We particularly like your focus on designing homes with sustainability in mind. I have personally recommended your Green Building 101 Series to several of my colleagues as examples of how the process of building green homes can be fundamentally rethought. As you wrote recently, "It all starts with the foundation. So lets start from the beginning." 22. The Twitter Equation

  • Follow people you admire
  • Comment upon and retweet their messages
  • Include their Twitter name
  • If they follow you, thank them
  • Ask for advice, input
  • Its occasionally OK to ask for a RT
  • They know theyre important; dont abuse the relationship

Checking out "Facebook and Health Ads" on @WEGOHealth : Tweeps: I'm in front of a college journalism class. What shld these students know abt social media. RT @tshuttleworth: This is the golden age of engagement for book publishers. - Arianna Huffington #toccon 23. Influencer Relations Since 2002, this annual event has evolved into the cornerstone of SAP's influencer programs, now serving as a key event to validate SAP's transformational market strategy.

  • In B2C market, influencer relations successes include:
  • Molson Beer
  • Toro Lawnmowers
  • Zarafina Tea
  • PBS
  • Parentsmagazine

Goal Turn customers into fans Tactic Recruit 10 prominent bloggers for access, trials Metrics Blog posts, videos, tweets, traffic Results One video received 320,000 views 6,200 downloads of Facebook app Many blog entries Program renewed for second year Quote 12 months of relationship building, meetups and feedback gathering has changed the way we think, act and plan our communications and events. -Ken Kaplan, Intel 24. Recruit

  • Action:Turn enthusiasts into promoters Tools: Widgets, tchotchkes, access, retreats
  • Objective:Build low-cost virtual sales force of informed customers
  • Result:Brand visibility; sales leads

25. 26. Thank You! Paul Gillin 508-656-0734 [email_address] Site: Blog: Twitter: pgillin

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