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  • Hank Baughman: Spiritual GrowthAs he recovered from atrial fibrillation, Pittsburgh newsman Hank Baughman underwent great spiritual growth. Hank Baughman now considers his illness to be a turning point in his spiritual growth. He is now on a spiritual mission, imparting his belief in the afterlife to others. This spiritual awakening has been very important to Hank Baughman, who has had many spiritual experiences and believes that we can draw strength from spiritual forces.Hank Baughman spent his career as a journalist, a sometimes-cynical profession. But a serious illness completely changed his outlook, and Hank Baughman is now a man on a spiritual mission. He began to realize that he needed to inform others that not only is the afterlife real, but it is much better than our physical existence.

  • Developing Spiritual Strength

    Hank Baughman is an award-winning journalist, and a spiritual person. It wasnt always that way. After recovering from a major illness, Hank Baughman got in touch with his spiritual side. He now believes that the afterlife is real and that we can draw strength from the spiritual forces around us. For Hank Baughman, spirituality is an important part of daily life. Hank Baughman has had many spiritual experiences.

  • Hank Baughman: The Afterlife Is RealAt age sixty-nine, Hank Baughman was strong and healthy enough to run three to five miles several times a week. He was a veteran Pittsburgh journalist with no plans to retire. Then he began having heart problems that left him very weak. As he recovered, he had a spiritual awakening, concluding that not only is the afterlife real, but it is much better than our physical existence. Hank Baughman is on a mission to share this with others.

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