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How detailed should your requirements be? Here are a few factors to take into account.

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  • 1. How much detail?Tips for the right level of detailfor your requirements

2. Level of detail example 1Lots offreedom fordrivers 3. Level of detail example 2Highlycontrolled parking 4. Which is better?Not detailedDetailed Experienced drivers will manage Most drivers will manage Creative use of space is possible How space is used is predefined Cars could get blocked in Cars can always get in & out Space to park a bus Doesnt have space for a bus Which is better? It depends! 5. What does detail level depend on? Many factors influence what the optimal levelof detail is. Here are just a few 6. Factor 1: What is the next step?Detail level depends on what the next step inthe process is.Compare: input for the initial business case basis for COTS software selection discuss with product owner before the next sprint 7. Factor 2: Whos going to use it? How much does the recipientknow about the business domain? How much time will she spendreading them? Does he have a different culturalbackground, and if so: how doesthat affect the way they interpretyour requirements? 8. Factor 3: When do you need it? Requirements will change. Delay writing the details until they areneeded. 9. Factor 4: Do stakeholders care? Do these details really matter to thestakeholders? E.g: requesting a specific colour Trivial & irrelevant? Needed to comply with a standard? 10. Factor 5: What is the impact? What could gowrong? Is it worse than spending an extracouple of days writing detailedrequirements? 11. Just enough detail Enough confidence for the customer Enough freedom for the supplier Level of detail does not have to be the samefor all parts E.g. application interfaces & standards 12. Robert van Lieshout+31 6 2881 13.