Introduction to Libre Software course

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  • 1. Introduction to libre softwareSummary of the course Israel Herraiz A Corua, October 19th 2007 Master on Free Software

2. Goals Fundamentals for the rest of courses Basic concepts Basic technologies Master on Free Software 3. Contents Introduction to libre software History Motivations and consequences Legal aspects. Licenses. Patents. Business models Libre software engineeringMaster on Free Software 4. Technologies Moodle Gforge Mailing lists Bug Tracker Subversion DocBook Master on Free Software 5. Methodology Sessions with theoretical presentations Practices with participation of the students Readings, slides, etc in the Moodle site Forum in Moodle (only as a backup) Gforge for the practices and works of the students Weekly quiz in MoodleMaster on Free Software 6. Evaluation Weekly based by means of quiz At the end of the course, based on the work of the students Work Written in DocBook English will be encouraged Topics yet to be decided Master on Free Software 7. GForge We will keep in touch through the mailing list We will assign and follow the works using the Tracker Delivery and development of the works using Subversion Master on Free Software 8. DocBook DocBook seminar Everything you need to know, you will learn it in this course Used by most of the projects for documentation purposes Master on Free Software 9. Recommend bibliography Producing Open Source Software (O' Reilly) Open Source for the Enterprise (O' Reilly) Materials from the PhD program at URJC / UPM Free software for a free society (by Richard Stallman) DocBook, the definitive guideMaster on Free Software 10. Summary Goals of this master Student will be able of joining a project and participating on it, with all the needed theoretical and technological background Goals of this course Theoretical and technological fundamentals for the rest of courses Master on Free Software 11. Any question? Moodle GForge Questions General mailing list in GForge Forum in MoodleMaster on Free Software