Looking for Shade Sails?

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1. The reasons for installing shade sails outnumber for not bothering with them. The most important reason is of course to build sun safe outdoor spaces. Protection from UV radiation is no more a luxury, but a necessity. The fact that human skin is susceptible to cancer is an established fact. People exposed to sunlight for too many hours can develop cataract and other eye conditions. Children, if they play too long out in the sun are susceptible to deterioration in the immune system. 2. Shade sails Los Angeles need not necessarily be boring structures that do nothing but give sun protection. You can actually choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. 3. Triangular, parabolic, square and rectangular sails are a common sight in Los Angeles. You can even custom design one based on your need. They come in all types of colors. If done artistically the ultimate product will enhance the look of your outdoors 4. Commercial shade sails are made with a wide variety of shade cloth. The most common form is HDPE. They come in knitted and woven variety. 5. Sun shade sails come in a wide range of colors. Experts always recommend using light color sails. They are way more effective 6. The amount of protection from the UVA and UVB rays does vary slightly with color. The light colors offer about 80% blocking and the dark colors about 90%.