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8 Reasons Your Business Needs to Go Mobile Mike Sansone, Social Mediatician, ConverStations

Marketing Webinar - 8 Reasons Your Business Needs to Go Mobile

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Expert marketing presenter Mike Sansone discussed why every business needs to go mobile now. This webinar is just another example of how LogMyCalls is delivering expert content to its audience. LogMyCalls=marketing knowledge.

Text of Marketing Webinar - 8 Reasons Your Business Needs to Go Mobile

  • 8 Reasons Your Business Needs toGo MobileMike Sansone, Social Mediatician, ConverStations
  • Mobile Use - Its Where Your Customers Are
  • #1 Convenience: At Their Fingertips
  • #2 Productivity: Users Choice
  • #3 Findability: Power of Discovery
  • #4 Readability: Make it Easy for Them
  • #5 Profitability: Will They Invest in You?
  • #6 Share-ability: Empower Them to Share
  • Call-to-Action Click-to-Call Appointment/Reservation Make Purchase Check In Share w/ Friends#7 Connectability: Whats Their Next Step?
  • #8 Trackability: Measuring Your Efforts
  • Mobile Use - Its Where Your Customers Are
  • The Train Has Already Left Get Started
  • Build an App Device Responsive Site
  • Looking Ahead Who Knows?
  • Mobile web use is exploding.By 2015, more Americans will access theweb via mobile than desktop.Building a mobile-friendly site is essentialfor businesses to prepare for the mobilemovementSource: http://www.howtogomo.com
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