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Powerful & Effective Marketing for HVAC Contractors …the kind that helps you hit your mark!

Powerful and effective marketing

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Helpful social media marketing tools and tips for HVAC dealers. Brought to you by Tracy Mar

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  • 1. Powerful & Effective Marketing for HVAC Contractors the kind that helps you hit your mark!
  • 2. A Day in the Life We know your days are BUSY! When you race the clock every dayhow much time do you really have to spend on marketing? Challenge: set a goal to devote some time every day / every week for marketing
  • 3. Thought You Might Like to Know Most effective emotion to create when building a marketing message is CURIOSITY
  • 4. Thought You Might Like to Know Toll-free numbers are more effective than local numbers Vanity number are the best (*remember to include digits along with letters though!)
  • 5. Before you startThings to consider: What is my goal? What are my resources? How will I track results?
  • 6. Find the Right ToolsEnjoy Success
  • 7. Get out your phones!
  • 8. Customer Referral Program Referrals are the #1 way to attract new customers 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations (only 14% trust ads) Two elements for a successful program: 1. Build an arsenal of testimonials 2. Make it easy for them to refer your biz Consider incentives Create an easy to use form
  • 9. Customer Referral Program Why? Better leads Referred customers are less price sensitive When? Not when presenting the bill Timing is important and will vary Do not ask if they havent had a chance to experience your services Not everyone is a referral candidate
  • 10. Customer Referral Program How? Consider incentives for BOTH the customer making the referral and the new customer Consider greater rewards for a higher number of referrals An example: Hey Bill, thanks again. By any chance, do you know anyone who could benefit from my services?
  • 11. Customer Referral Program How? Hey John, you work at ABC Company, right? Do you know anyone at your company that might benefit from my services? Maybe a new homeowner who needs a heating or cooling system? Give them a frame of reference Tell them what kind of customer would be good for you
  • 12. Customer Referral Program How? Mary is thanking you for your service and raving about what a nice job you didand your techs were SO clean while they workedthis is your cue! Thanks Mary! I really appreciate it. We work hard to keep our customers happy and keep their homes clean. I have heard some real horror stories out there. Hey, if you know anyone having a rough time finding good quality service and clean workers, please feel free to have them call us.
  • 13. Customer Referral Program
  • 14. Maintenance Agreements Next to the added revenue they create, the biggest reason to offer maintenance agreements is to build loyal customers Can reduce the impact of slow times Steady work keeps your technicians sharp
  • 15. Maintenance AgreementsA few tips: WHAT: Offer aggressive tune-up specials WHEN: about 3 weeks prior to your lowest call traffic days during the off season 1 in 24 will need an equipment quote!!! At the conclusion of the tune-upoffer M.A. (correctly) and close the deal 2-step method which is 600% xs more effective
  • 16. Maintenance AgreementsAssuming: Anyone like math? There are 5 busy months each year You can sell 1 M.A. per week during busy months Average M.A. is $175You can generate an extra $3500 in one year
  • 17. Are the Yellow Pages Dead?
  • 18. Commercial for online If you are not building and monitoring your online presenceyou are missing out! 90% of consumers use the Internet to locate and research contractors What is the Internet saying about YOU?
  • 19. Commercial for online Social media is NOT NEW!!! A few new tools!
  • 20. Commercial for online You will not make money with social media tools!!!! You build relationships and credibilityand THAT will make you money!!!!!!
  • 21. Cool Tools Google Keyword External Tool Google index site://http://www.2-jsupply.com Multiple Datacenter Rank Check Tool http://www.seologs.com/dc-rank-check.html Google Alerts
  • 22. Google Site Index
  • 23. Google Places Free! Free! Free! Easy! Business listingand so much more! Offer promotions + coupons Photos of technicians and vans/trucks Link it to other sites
  • 24. Be sure to verify your account Phone call, or postcard
  • 25. YouTube
  • 26. YouTube Free! Free! Free! Easy! YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world (Google is #1)! It is not just for posting funny videos Make a name for your business on YouTube HVAC tips for homeowners
  • 27. YouTubeStill not convinced? Over 3 billion videos are viewed daily More than 50 percent of videos on YouTube have been rated or include comments from the community
  • 28. YouTubeStill need more? Rising through the ranks. Google owns YouTube, theres the added benefit that a video on YouTube automatically goes into Googles search engine. Videos tend to catapult to the head of the line. Its a great way to increase your site visibility in the rankings. Spare your own site the bandwidth drain of streaming video.
  • 29. YouTube Make sure your videos direct visitors to your site. Tens of thousands of viewers watching your videos sounds great, unless they have no direction to find your business afterwards The base age demographic for YouTube is 18-54.
  • 30. Facebook
  • 31. Facebook Free! Free! Free! Easy! If FB were a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world! FB tops Google in weekly online traffic in the U.S. 500 million unique users in one day
  • 32. Facebook Over 1 million new users weekly More than 1/3 are outside of college Fastest growing demographic is 55-65 year old females Avg. user has approx. 120 friends
  • 33. Facebook 3 out of 5 divorces are blamed on Facebook Be patient! Sales cycle is about 3xs longer on FB because it is a tool for building a relationship Ranked as #1 most beneficial social media site by small biz owners Why do you want
  • 34. FacebookThings to consider whenposting: Use keywords that are relevant to your business they are searchable by Google Give your fans a reason to Like you 80% of social media users are looking for freebies or discounts 70% want you to solve their problems
  • 35. Inspiration
  • 36. Twitter
  • 37. Twitter
  • 38. QR Codes Free! Free! Free! Easy! Create them online- Goqr.me Easy Tracking Link to exclusive offers or send more traffic to your other websites
  • 39. QR Codes You have a QR codenow what? On your business card On your company vehicles/shirts Door hangers Mailers- track the success of your ad Signs
  • 40. QR Codes
  • 41. QR Codes
  • 42. QR Codes
  • 43. QR Codeshttp://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/LTEzMDgzODM5Mghttp://www.funcode-tech.com/LOGOQR_Encoder_en.aspx - does images in the centerhttp://www.racoindustries.com/barcodegenerator/2d/qr-code.aspxhttp://www.mobilefish.com/services/qrcode/qrcode.php - color & images
  • 44. LinkedIn
  • 45. LinkedIn Create a company page Ask for recommendations Enhanced search benefits Networking with other small businesses Recruiting
  • 46. Whats else?
  • 47. 2Js Contractor Marketing Program Relationship with Progressive Printers Fast and cost effective Template-based options with customization Maintenance Brochure Contractor Spotlight Accessories Brochure
  • 48. 2Js Contractor Marketing Program
  • 49. 2Js Contractor Marketing Program Customizable: logo address licenses, accred. color bars
  • 50. 2Js Contractor Marketing Program Customizable: Pricing lines
  • 51. 2Js Contractor Marketing Program
  • 52. 2Js Contractor Marketing Program
  • 53. 2Js Contractor Marketing Program
  • 54. Q&A
  • 55. Thank you!