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  • 1. Present Tense

2. PresentTense PresentTense Present Tense 3. Present TensePresent Simple TensePresent Continuous Tense Present Perfect Tense 4. Present Simple TenseSarah teaches English every Tuesdays. 5. Present Simple Tense+s / es)always, often, sometimes, every., seldomgenerally, usually, etc. 6. Present Simple Tenses / eswalk walkslove loves watch watchesstop stopsdrive drives box boxestry - tries play - playscarry carries stay stays 7. Present Simple Tense--- 8. Present Continuous TenseDoggy is watching television now. 9. Present Continuous Tense is/am/are + V.ingnow, at the moment, at present, right now,Look!, Be careful!, Listen! 10. Present Continuous Tenseingwalk walkingdrive drivinglaugh laughingwrite writingrun running tie tyingstop stopping die dying 11. Present Continuous Tense-- 12. Present Perfect TenseSam has known Judy for five years. 13. Present Perfect Tensehas/have+ V.3for, since, so far, since then, recently,just, already, ever, never, yet 14. Present Perfect Tensewalk walked go gonestay stayed be beenstudy studied begin begunlive - livedput - put 15. Present Perfect Tense--- 16. Present TenseSamantha always cooks remedy for her family.She is cooking remedy at present.She has cooked remedy since she was young. 17. click 18. Progress Test1.A: When did you come here? B: I______ here since August 25.a. have beenb. amc. haved. am having 19. Progress Test2. A: How many pages _____ so far?B: Tena. do you studyb. are you studyingc. have you studiedd. are you studied 20. Progress Test3. You should drive carefully, because accidents__________ easily.a. occurringb. occurc. have occurredd. are occurring 21. Progress Test4. A: How about him?B: He didnt go, but hes ___________.a. plan tob. planning toc. plans tod. has planned 22. Progress Test5. Listen! The telephone ___________. a. ring b. rings c. is ringing d. have rung 23. Progress Test6. Look at him sneezing; he ______ a bad cold. a. has b. is having c. had d. is 24. Progress Test7. Jim _____ the first party in his life tomorrownight. a. gives b. is giving c. has given d. give 25. Progress Test8. A: He has to leave tomorrow.B: When he ___ , please let me know.a. is leavingb. have leftc. leavesd. has left 26. Progress Test9. A: She is sick.B: How long _____ sick? a. she is been b. she has been c. was she d. has she been 27. Progress Test10. Some students ____ well in exam, and others get flustered.a. have doneb. doesc. dod. is doing 28. Progress Test11. Dont disturb Father. He ____ to the weather forecast. a. listens b. is listening c. has listened d. listening 29. Progress Test12. A: What can you do? B: We can do nothing until she ___ here tomorrow.a. isb. is beingc. has beend. being 30. Progress Test13. A: You should go home now. B: Ill wait here until Mary ___ tomorrow.a. comesb. comingc. is comingd. has come 31. Progress Test14. He ____ you now, but he wont believe you tomorrow.a. believeb. believesc. is believingd. has believed 32. Progress Test15. Kepler proved that the sun ____ the center of the solar system. a. has b. has been c. is having d. is 33. Resources :Michael Swan and Catherine Walter How English Works. Oxford : Oxford University Press