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  • 1. A New Beginning..

2. It is said that need is the basic motivation for man to invent..Yes... This is the same need that made the 2 companies to come closer by eradicating all their barriers and join hands for a better tomorrow. 3. Alliance with Nissan 1999Founded 1898Renault Founded 1911Cooperation with Volvo 1990Alliance with Renault 1999Nissan Financial Distress 1990By 1999, the environment of car manufacturers had became very competitive. Globalization in the market Saturation of certain geographical areas for production and distribution. Cut throat competition for opportunities for survival. 4. Established in 1933 Was a pioneer in the manufacturing of automobiles Products: Automobiles, Outboard motors, Forklift Trucks Main markets: Japan, United States, Europe, Revenue: 80.92 billion USD Profit: 460 million USD ( 2009) 5. Is a French automaker Main products: Automobiles, commercial vehicles, financing Revenue: 38.97 billion USD Profit: 3.420 billion USD (2010) 6. Company was falling apar t. Huge debts of $20 billion. But the root causes which led to the above problems were; Recession in early 90s in Japan No cross - functional & cross - regional communication. Outdated style & design for its cars. High degree of bureaucracy. 7. Renault comparatively had very less problems.. Their main source of revenue was concentrated only on Small & Medium Cars in Europe..Its 85% of sales was in Western Europe 8. The alliance between Renault and Nissan was signed on 27th of March, 1999The Renault-Nissan Alliance is the third largest global automakerIncludes: Dacia, Infiniti, Nissan, Renault and Renault SamsungSold 7.2 million vehicles in 20102 global companies linked by cross-shareholdingsSignificant presence in major world markets (United States, Europe, Japan, China, India, Russia) 9. RenaultNissan Respective objectivesImproving quality InternationalizeReduce Costs Reduce DebtCommon objectivesEconomy of scale Technological Know-How Leader for the quality and attractiveness of products & services 10. Quality between the relationships among the managers & engineers of Renault and Nissan. Rich Business experience. Technical skills. Core Values Balanced relations between 2 companies and the development of strong identities for each of the brands.Capital contributions and equity participations 11. Third largest global automaker (based on sales for the year 2008) Global market share of 9% (by volume) Significant presence in major world markets (United States, Europe, Japan, China, India, Russia) 12. Combined expertise and technology sharingNissan focuses the development of new gasoline engines while Renault focuses on diesel enginesInternational development in emerging markets A partnership announced with Bajaj, an Indian manufacturer, to develop an ultra-low-cost vehicle by 2010 A partnership with the Russian automaker AvtoVAZ


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