WELCOME TO FIRST FRIDAYS! Say Goodbye to Fear Forever September 7, 2012

Say Goodbye to Fear Forever!

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Say Goodbye to Fear ForeverSeptember 7, 2012

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Webinar attendees:

Use the phone number and not the computer audio. You have to dial

in to hear the sound.

(949) 2024265


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Don’t believe a word I say!

Experience it for yourself.

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Gratitude and Acknowledgement

• Jack Canfield and Rebecca BrunerJack Canfield and Rebecca Bruner

• Roger CallahanRoger Callahan

• Patricia CarringtonPatricia Carrington

• Gary CraigGary Craig

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Mental Models

“New insights fail to get put into practice because they conflict with deeply held internal images of how the world works...images that limit us to familiar ways of thinking and acting. The discipline of managing mental models is a major breakthrough for people.

Peter Senge The Fifth Discipline

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Phobia vs. Fear• Phobia: Excessive and unreasonable fear

– Mental disorder– Exists in 11% of population

• Fear: Common anxiety and doubt– Exists in 110% of the population!

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Why Is Change So Hard?

• Logical, left brain controls language and conscious thought (5% of total thoughts)

• Emotional, right brain controls images and sub-conscious thought (95% of thoughts)– We are wired to fear

• Sub-conscious mind designed to protect us from (real) danger or (perceived) emotional threats– Desire to avoid emotional pain (aided by limiting beliefs)

keep you from taking action towards your goals

Reduce the resistance (negative emotions) to move in the direction of your goals

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What is Tapping?• Application of light pressure (5-7 times) using middle and index finger

onto a series of 8 acupuncture points • Top of head

– Center/top of skull• Eyebrow

– Beginning of eyebrow closest to other eyebrow• Side of eye

– On bone on outside corner of eye• Under eye

– One bone 1 inch below pupil• Under nose

– Between bottom of nose and upper lip• Chin

– Between bottom lip and bottom of chin• Collar bone

– Down and to side of breastbone (where a man ites a tie)• Under Arm• Side of body 4 inches below armpit

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Reminder Phrases• Reminder Phrases remind you what to focus on while tapping

– I’m nervous about this talk– I hope it goes well– I might not say it right

• Reminder Phrases can change as you go through a “round” (tapping each of the 8 points)

• Frequently the intensity or focus shifts after tapping on only a few points

• Stubborn thoughts and emotions can take many rounds: use various reminder phrases as the experience changes

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Have an Amazing Day

Brad Yates tapping session

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Why Does It Work?• Tapping creates an electrical charge that runs

along/through connecting tissue (known as meridians in Chinese medicine)

• Follows the path of least resistance until it hits a blockage, which holds the memory of the primary trauma

• Tapping sends a message of safety to the memory that is not congruent with the emotionally-arousing memory.

Source: The Genie on Your Genes, Dawson Church

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Identify the Root of Fear• Identify the fear

– I’m afraid this talk won’t go well

• Why– Because I might not “do it right”

• True Fear– I’ll look foolish

• Keep going – each overall fear has many aspects– Fear of flying is fear of…

• Take-off

• Landing

• Turbulence

• Crowds

• Confinement

• Losing Control

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Fear of Failure• What do I fear will happen – what does fail

mean?• What would it mean if that happened?• How would I feel?

• It is not the belief/thought that stops you, it is the feeling about the belief that impacts you!

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Choice Statements• Open Choice Statements

– Creates a possibility for a solution, without specifics

• Even though I don’t know how to finish this project, I am open to finding a way that works

• Specific Choice Statements– What you really want

• Even though I don’t know how to finish this project, I will finish it this month and do a great job

• Reframe– New idea or perspective that allows a re-interpretation of an existing

situation or belief

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“SOS” Tapping

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GrowthCLUB• GrowthCLUB, Tuesday, September 25

– This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to create your plan for the year that will create momentum and transform your business.

– Free coaching session included with registration fee.

– First Friday discount $129 (regularly $249)

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First Fridays• Taming the Paper Tiger October 5• Inaugural Happy Hour November 1 (Thurs)• Make Your Strategic Plan

A Living Process December 7• Yes, Your Dreams Can

Come True: Vision Board January 4

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Business Club of the Triangle

• Golf Outing September 24• D1 Sports October 19• CEO, Tiger Swan November 15

Ongoing Tailgate Party at Carolina Club 2 hours before each UNC Football home game. Free, come with or

without a ticket

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About Jim Jubelirer• 25 years in business, $1M+ sales annually

• Expert in sales, marketing and leadership– Start-up coach at UNC Venture Launch

– Affiliated with Duke Leadership Program, Fuqua Business School

– Board of Advisors for Sustainable Brands

– Member of angel investment and non-profit groups

• Frequent speaker, trainer and facilitator, presented to over 6,000 people

• MBA, Cornell BA University of California, Santa Cruz

• Certified in Sandler Sales, Strategic Coach, numerous other personal and professional development programs

• Married, 1 son, loves tennis, scuba, travel

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About ActionCOACH…

• #1 Business Coaching and Consulting company in the world• Founded in 1993 by Brad Sugars; self-made multi-millionaire,

author, and entrepreneur• 1,300+ Coaches worldwide in 40 Countries• Combines the best practices in business and personal


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Coaching Works!

• UK Study: ActionCOACH clients averaged a 30% average annual sales growth compared to only 13% in non-coached businesses.

• US Study: Coaching clients saw a return on investment of 7.5 to 1, or $7.50 increase in income for every $1 invested.

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Business Coaching Programs…

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Jim JubelirerCertified ActionCOACH308 West Rosemary Street, Suite 307Chapel Hill, NC 27516(919) [email protected]/jimjubelirer