Shopping behaviour

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  • 1. Shopping

2. Concept of Shopping Shopping Environment Shopping in Social Cultural Context Shopping and Individual 3. Shopping Process Behavior Blinkered mode Magpie mode Browser mode 4. Demographics Population Life Expectancy Age Segmentation Middle Class Rural Shoppers Household Size Changing Profile Socio Cultural Profile 5. Psychographic Segments of Men (Traditional, self oriented , social Chameleon , intrusive ) Segments of women (contended, archetype, anxious, trouble homebody, tight fisted, affluent and gracious) Youth segments (homebodies, two faced youth, wannabes ,rebels, cool) 6. Behavior Choice Optimizer Premeditated Economizers Support seekers Recreational Support seekers Frequent Vs Infrequent 7. Meubles 8. Talbots 9. Products . 10. Display 11. Catalogue 12. Promotions on Catalog 13. Layout