Skills of Effective Negotiators

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What makes a person an effective negotiator? Negotiation is a skill and can be improved with lots of practice. This slide deck present some of the skills that can be used to be an effective negotiator. Contact me on twitter or LinkedIn for more information on any of the points. - Tejas

Text of Skills of Effective Negotiators

  • 1. 90% In your favour 10% Not in favour SkillsofEffectiveNegotiators Tejas Patel @tejastpatel
  • 2. Be Prepared Havecleargoalsanddoresearch Knowyourlimits Planforalternativescenarios Studytherelationshipsandprevious deals
  • 3. BeaActiveListener Listentoverbal communicationandreadthe bodylanguage
  • 4. Show the Value hello Agoodnegotiator demonstratesawin-win situation
  • 5. Be Objective Befocusedandhave clearintentions Don'ttakethings personallyandbein controlofyouremotions
  • 6. Recognise Barriers Identifybarriersbefore handandneutralisethem Recognise Barriers
  • 7. Form Coalitions Group buying anyone? Builtacoalitiontocounterthepowerofotherside
  • 8. Manage Relationship Managelongterm relationshipby: >creatingtrust >communicatingopenly >admittingtoand addressingmistakes >askingforfeedback
  • 9. ProblemSolving IdentifySolutions Identifyroadblocks thatinterferein yourgoalandfind asolution
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