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Talk Social Keynote Developing Engagement & Relationship with Brands

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KeyNote Speech for Talk Social Manchester on how brands can use social media to engage with customers and develop relatinships

Text of Talk Social Keynote Developing Engagement & Relationship with Brands

  • 1. Developing Engagement &Relationships for your BrandDavid Edmundson-Bird Principal Lecturer in Digital Marketing & EnterpriseManchester Metropolitan University

2. Who do I think I am? David Edmundson-Bird (formerly just Bird) Now a nice Search Engine-Friendly name Youll find me as groovegenerator anywhere Principal Lecturer in Digital Marketing at MMU Opened Manchesters 2nd Web Design Agency(Sozo) in 1995 Chief Learning Architect at Academee 1999 2002 Background in AI for Strategic Decision-Making/Military Context 3. Developing Engagement &Relationships with Brands 4 approaches with managing relationships Personal connections Brand monitoring Evangelists (Citizen Marketers) Improving Customer Support Practical activity practices 4. MANAGING RELATIONSHIPS 5. Personal Connections in B2B/HighValue B2C Manage personal connections through a socialCRM approach Traditional (i.e. birthdays/favouritethings/hobbies/family) can stagnate Integrate with Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter Tip for sole/freelancer/SME - use Xobni GetSocial Twitter Pro in SugarCRM See clients last 20 tweets React to a tweet to maintain currency/relevancy Turn tweets into actual cases 6. Brand Monitoring According to Nielson Buzzmetrics 25% Search results for top 20 brands link to UGC Customers use Social Media forpraise/crit/review/feedback Companies who interact create more positiveimpression Can increase leads into sales funnel But dont do this at the expense of other provenconversion tools (email, SEO) 7. Evangelist Tracking IDing evangelists is a cheap effective way ofboosting promotions and marketing They spread the word unconditionally Most companies dont pick up on this yet You can easily rank customers based on theactivity and positivity of their messaging Integrate this into CRM to enable management Your biggest critics are also sometimes yourbiggest fans squeaky wheels 8. Improving Customer Support Integrating Twitter into CRM allows for monitoring of keywords -see how a customer views you Move the posts into customer support Pacification Support pre-sales Squeaky wheels Quickly respond to anger/reduce viral impact Pre-sales support Trial usage where frustration causes abandonment Customers can post questions Monitoring/response enhances likelihood of conversion Creates a positive impression Again an area where the mass of marketers and organisations haveyet to make an impression 9. PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY PRACTICE 10. Professional Activity Practice You can implement these practically Designed to be conducted when you need tominimise "media spend" but have prepaid-for human assets 11. Send the Right Message to the RightAudience in the Right Channel This isnt necessarily a scientific venture If you "broadcast" (i.e. you dont know youraudience), you waste effort When you broadcast to everyone, youretalking to no one On Twitter, dont just randomly tweet Time spent understanding who will hear yourmessage will help 12. Social Media Engagement = Human Relationship Building It takes time Its like finding the right life partner You shouldnt be snogging within 3 minutes of meeting Trust is important to create You have to create trust before you get any brandloyalty If you start "selling" before youve built that trust, youll fail 13. Quality Engagement over Quantity of Communications Customers prefer 1 meaningful tweet than 10pointless ones Think "Information Overload Dont tweet things that are irrelevant (unlessyour culture) Think of timing For consumers, after 20:00h might be too late orintrusive Depends on your offering 14. 90/10 Content Rule 90% of the content you post should beengaging rather than promotional. 10% can be used for promotions You can only engage if you know who you aretalking to. 15. Engagement Point Scale for Facebook A scale from 1 to 100 Think of a Share as being worth 90 points, A Comment being worth 9 points and A Like being worth 1 point. Make your FB posts be short & sweet. Try not to overdo the frequency of posting. 2/3 posts per day seem optimal depending onyour offering. 16. Be Consistent & Responsive Respond promptly to the comments orsuggestions of your followers Do not ever delete a critical comment from yourFacebook page This only leads to an even angrier customer Other customers will join in Respond immediately with courtesy and address theissue in a straightforward manner Customers who complain and are then satisfiedare up to 8% more loyal than if they had noproblem at all 17. Imagery and Video Pictures/Video generate 40% greaterengagement than word posts Consider Pinterest as a tool to share rather thanjust another channel to monitor. Using video? Make it shorter than 90 seconds. Shooting your own video using cheap tools? Hold the camera vertically Make sure the audio is spot-on 18. Keep your Website Use your site as an info repository Dont use your site to engage and attract butto covert and retain 19. Expertise Use experts to manage a twitter chat Become the place to come to Chats are great for growing a customer baseorganically 20. Engagement Tools Loads of people use Hootsuite Use the add-ons Track/Share campaigns Look for trending content Hanging in on peoples interests Answer peoples questions on Twitter 21. My TopTip for Spring 2013 Bathrooms, washrooms, toilets are excellentplaces for Engagement Do you use QR codes? Get a campaign putting QR codes on toilet doors 22. Get in Touch! Where can you find me? Catch me Twitter @groovegenerator LinkedIn davidedmundsonbird