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  • 1. Tom Odell Another Love Music Video Analysis

2. Generic Codes, Conventions & Form of music video Genre = Pop (Indie)/Folk Video Release = November 2012 The video contrast a typical pop video which is often flashy and crammed full of editing and different effects and other actors. The video is simplistic and is a combination of conceptual + narrative making it a hybrid. Tom Odell, through this video is displaying how he and some other people act when they have had a bad previous relationship and the difficulty of loving somebody else again, the video can be seen as a short insight into Odells relationship with the girl (linking to lyrics) making it narrative Also conceptual in the sense that it is a one take continuous shot displaying the relationship in a small time frame, starting with a plead for affection from the women turning into her anger due to Toms lack of change and stubbornness to not open up Covers a typical topic in the pop field (love) however its a more personal story and is a one continuous shot video similarly to Kanye Wests Power As the artist is still being noticed in the industry and is currently expanding his audience his video for this song is simplistic, with a lack of cgi for example. 3. Girl is affectionate with Tom at first (Medium shot - transitions to next shot without a cut) But then begins to get frustrated as the video (time) goes on (medium long shot now) Change in tint displays change in emotion, chair has been thrown on the ground and the girlfriend (top right of picture) is throwing down books in anger. Inevitable end to lack of trust in relationship (Long shot) 4. Cinematography, Effects & Editing The video is taken in two shots officially but is predominantly one shot before the last 5 seconds cut back the beginning of the video (however it can still be referred to as a one shot) The video begins with an extreme close up of Tom Odells face but continues to slowly zoom out into a medium shot, then long shot further showing the setting of the video The camera continues to zoom in and out throughout the video at different points respectively As it gets to medium shot, we see a womans waist (girlfriend) walk into the shot Camera shakes during a later chorus, simple editing but effective as it shows the emotion (time 2:20) 5. The director has cleverly placed the mirror in a strategic position, where you can see the girl when she is not directly in the immediate shot. As well as showing a transition in time it also shows Tom lack of change in contrast to the girl linking to the songs lyrics. Long shot further depicting setting (house) which is also an indicator of time and the relationship in the video Leads to In these two shots we see some simplistic effects and editing reinforcing the general theme of the video, the progression in time but not trust/love in the relationship. In these two long shots we see Tom is in the same position however the girl sat on the suitcase slowly begins to fade out becoming transparent before disappearing altogether seconds later 6. Long shot of the apartments change, still in one shot despite the change not being in the video, some may consider it a subtle cut although I believe it may be good effects and editing in one shot (bookcase and books may not actually be real , possibly added images) The tint/colour of video changes to a darker colour, symbolising night possibly as well as anger in the video as if you look carefully the books on the shelf are messy, we see later on that the chair gets thrown the floor reinforcing the initial point. 7. Mise-en-scene Location = Apartment/flat Dull room at first with grey as the predominant colour with little sunlight on Toms face In second half of video, the room has slightly changed there is red paint and more furniture symbolising a slight progression in the relationship despite a reluctance to open up on love again on the Toms part. The room begins to feel more like a home although Tom hasnt changed his opinion possibly why the director hasnt made him move for the whole video placing him on the old arm chair 1. 2. 3. 8. Relationship between sound and images + Audience As mentioned throughout this presentation I believe the video and sound have a direct link in a clever way, the video entails a progression of time between two people in a relationship, where one person cant open up to other and move on (Tom). The girlfriend is trying to be affectionate but Tom isnt responsive which can be seen in the video as he doesnt move or even directly look at/acknowledge her. The target audience may be specifically aimed at young adults /late teenagers however love is a worldwide emotion ranging in age and could be aimed at a wider audience as there is no specific age where you can and cant experience the emotions. The video strongly suggests it is aimed at young adults due to the two people present in the video. 9. Institutions & Representations Tom Odell is apart of Columbia Records, In The Name Of both under the Sony Music Entertainment umbrella. In The Name Of, established by Lily Allen who is another successful British artist like Tom Odell has had albums released under Sony Music Entertainment Young adults are represented in this video as unstable + emotionally fragile in the modern day relationship