ALPHA camp x 沙龍17:從工程師到創業家,Bernard 教你如何面對人生的選擇與準備

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ALPHA Camp Bernard MBA Startup Yahoo! MIT Sloan MBA StartupBernard


<ul><li> ! ! May 08, 2014 </li> <li> 2 </li> <li> 3 </li> <li> Our mission </li> <li> MBA (1) Business </li> <li> MBA (2) CTO I dont use what I build </li> <li> MBA 80:20 / </li> <li> MBA </li> <li> (startup) </li> <li> 80% </li> <li> The happiest and most successful people dont just love what they do but obsessed with solving an important problem that matters to them ! ! A dog chasing a tennis ball: eyes go a little crazy, the leash snaps and they go bounding off, plowing through whatever gets in the way.! ! ! Dropbox CEO Drew Houston! </li> <li> VC / Idea is nothing Power Law Distribution </li> <li> Power [ ] </li> <li> Power Law Distribution! ! Paypal &amp; Founders Fund Founder! Peter Thiels ! </li> <li> ! ! ! ! </li> <li> ! ! </li> <li> Knowledge + OpportunityAttitude + CHANGE LIVES </li> <li> </li> <li> LOST </li> </ul>