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Are you 'social' enough

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Discussion of use of social media to increase visibility for career development/progression.

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Your Career

Your Future

“Are You ‘Social’ Enough?”

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Why Social Media??

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I’m looking for a job, not a “friend”

or “follower.”

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Why Should You Care?

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You lose an opportunity to add to your “why you

should hire me” list.

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A whopping 83% of employers now use

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to find new hires.

CNN Money, “10 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Hunt” (January 13, 2011)

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Besides checking your resume,

nearly 3 out of 4hiring managers and

recruiterscheck candidates' social


48% always do…even if they are not provided.

LA Times Business: “Want a job? Check the spelling on your Facebook profile”

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According to research conducted by LinkedIn of organizations using the


58% indicated that candidates were hired through social media.

Information courtesy of John Deveney, Deveney Communication

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Getting Started…

Simple Tips

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Think of your online persona as a


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Decide what image you want to portray and stay with that in all of your social media platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.

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Use your professional profile to showcase

your abilities.

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Join LinkedIn and Facebook groups comprised of people

in your field.

CNN Money, “10 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Hunt” (January 13, 2011)

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Include your LinkedIn URL in the signature block of your emails.

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