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@ A designated career guide with job search success stories, interview tips, and career insights by international students who have received full time offers in the U.S.


<ul> <li> 32 </li> <li> 5401 </li> <li> 76 </li> <li> 9802 </li> <li> 1110 </li> <li> 1312 </li> <li> 151403 04 0501 02 </li> <li> 171609 1006 07 08 </li> <li> Career Pro Career Pro18 191. Why do youwant to be aninvestmentbanker?3. Why do youthink you area good candi-date for thisposition?2. Why do youchoose ABCCompany?3. How didyou performfinancialmodeling atXYZ Compa-ny?1. Take methrough yourresume/Tellme aboutyourself2. Tell memore aboutyour experi-ence at ABCCompany </li> <li> 21203. How manyquarterswould it taketo make astack from thefloor of thisroom to theceiling?2. Whats therelationshipof the threefinancial state-ments1. Have youreceived nega-tive feedbackfrom yourmanager andhow did youdeal with it?2. Have youever hada difficultco-worker?3. What isyour greatestachievement?4. What isyour biggestfailure so far?1. Where didthe DOWclose yester-day </li> <li> 2322 </li> <li> 2524 </li> <li> 2726 </li> <li> 2928 </li> <li> 3130 </li> <li> 3332 </li> <li> 34 </li> </ul>