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  • 1. How to get the jobBy Nadim Woolgar
  • 2. Creating a Cover Letter1. Mentally prepare Think about previous experiences and yourself Where did you find out about this opportunity? Who are you writing to? (i.e the organization) Whom you are writing to? (i.e the person) How can you customize your background to therequirements2. Figure out the right format Not too Long normally one page max Standard Business letter format
  • 3. Cover Letter Contents1. Paragraph 1 First impression How did you find out about the job? Key strengths2. Paragraph 2 Describe top 3 qualifications (i.e. experience, education, skills,talents etc.)3. Paragraph 3 How are you a good fit for the position and the company4. Paragraph 4 Mention resume Ask for interview time Provide contact information
  • 4. Creating a Resume1. Self Analyze What are your career aspirations? What are your skills and abilities? What experience do you have? What education do you have?2. What are your key selling points that your resumeneeds to highlight? What differentiates you?3. How should you customize your resume for theposition for which you are applying
  • 5. Resume Contents Name and contact details Summary highlighting your key selling points Experience in reverse chronological order Education listing the highest degree first Awards and Distinctions Personal information, such as extracurricularactivities, hobbies, sports, charities, etc. References or indicate that they are available onrequest
  • 6. Example of a Resume
  • 7. Searching for a Job Classified ads Websites workopolis, monster, craigslist, indeed Industry recruiting sites (for example for tourism jobscheck Seek openings in company websites Recruiters websites Networking very important! Cold calling, for example in the mall
  • 8. Workplace Safety Check
  • 9. Tips for Your Interviews Look the Part: Dress appropriately for the job you areseeking Arrive five minutes early Relax as you wait Listen carefully to the interviewer and be sure to answer thequestions he or she asks Look the interviewer in the eye and be self-assured Ask questions as appropriate Ask which will be the next steps Send a follow-up email or card
  • 10. Summary of Steps
  • 11. Good Luck!