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  • Heidi Lilly
  • Thats me!I have: Worked in a foreign country Over 2 years of international marketing experience A Bachelors Degree in Corporate Finance(2011) Have experience in the beauty industry, publishing, & alternative investments
  • and this is my visual resume.
  • One weekend, when my neighbor needed atrustworthy 16 year old to watch her house whileshe was awayshe hired me!
  • and my house sitting business was born!
  • The clients I started with in 2005
  • The clients I have today
  • Im so devoted to my client relationships that:I spent every weekend ofmy final semester AWAYfrom college Including GRADUATION weekend.
  • but I still got my degree
  • because after all this
  • I earned it!
  • London2009
  • When I was a Junior incollege, I went to London towork in the luxury beauty Murad UKindustry 2 Omega PlaceAs a marketing intern, I sawhow a newly established Londoncompany grew in a highlycompetitive, foreign market N1 9DR XOXO
  • When I returned, I decided to studythe universal language
  • of numbers & became a Finance major
  • While also being the Marketing AdministrativeAssistant at Edward Elgar Publishing where I helppromote academic textbooks in N&S America.
  • -What does all this x ?
  • Im Analytical 9I use excel to READ storiesstories. 47& PowerPoint to TELL 25 8 13 6
  • Im Strategicstrategic-adjective1. relating to the identification of long-term oroverall aims and interests and the means ofachieving them
  • I can initiate & build lasting businessrelationships Ask the 400 editors, journalists & bloggers who I work with Or the 12 families who hire me to live in their homes while they are away
  • Im Agile enough to cross job, department, industry & country borders without missing a beat
  • Im Creative
  • Im incredibly organized
  • and Im moving here! to NYC!
  • So if you need someone like me You can find me at: 413.834.4867 @hlilly281
  • Heres a fancier resume presentation Iput together targeting a certain positionin a certain company. X/Heidi-Lilly-Relationship-Manager- BirchboxP.S. make sure your speakers are on to get the fulleffect