Personal Branding using Social Media - LinkedIn

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  • Overview

  • business-oriented social networking service

    Founded in December 2002 and launched on May 5, 2003

    As of 2015, most of the site's revenue comes from selling access to information about its users to recruiters and sales professionals

    was founded by Reid Hoffman and founding team members from PayPal and

    IPO in January 2011

    Company Overview

  • The Startup of You

    Reid Hoffman

  • Network of Connections

    See the world from others perspective

    Your extended network

    Weak connections

    Meet the most curious friends

    Exchange ideas with others

  • The Largest Professional Network


  • LinkedIn Business Model


  • Employers Pay to Post Jobs

  • Job seekers plan is priced at $29.99/month premium package designed for them.

    An all-purpose Business Plus plan is now priced at $59.99/month.

    The premium service for sales people is $79.99/month.

    A premium plan for hiring specialists, known as Recruiter Lite, is $119.99/month.

    Revenue from Selling Access to Information



  • Acquired in May 3, 2012

    Acquired in April 9, 2015

    15 Acquisitions to date

  • Go to

  • Choose a Country

  • Choose Your University and Year

  • What Do You Want to Accomplish?

  • Email Confirmation, and Ready to Go

  • Login, and Start Building Your Profile

  • Profile Headline Who you are in one sentence

    Be Specific

    Use Key Words

    Location and Sector

    What and Where Youd like to Work

    Looking for new opportunities is

    not recommended

  • Let Them See You

    Adding a professional photo makes you 14 times more likely to

    be found on LinkedIn

  • Which Photo to choose?

  • These Might Be Good Photos

  • Summary Statement, Your Elevator Pitch

    What have you accomplished?

    What are your strengths?

    What do you offer to an employer?

    Always be positive

  • If you are just starting out



    Honours & Awards

    Demonstrate your skills

    What youve learnt

  • Your experience

    Company logo Job title

    Duration of job

    Details of your role AND achievements

  • This is an opportunity to be


    Your Skills

    If you have skills listed on your LinkedIn profile then chances of your

    profile being viewed rises by 13 times compared to when you have no

    skills listed

  • Your Education

    Should I add my Grade?

  • Finding Connections

  • Accepting Connections

    Should I accept a connection from


    Connection requests are waiting

    You can accept or reject

  • You can search for jobs Jobs are here

  • Receive LinkedIn emails between connections

  • Who has Viewed Your Profile

  • Use Mobile Application

  • Be Social

  • Be Professional


  • Increase Your Visibility by Adding Interests

    Follow Companies

    Join Professional Groups

    Post articles, and comment on others

  • Make Sure to G