Ready, Set, Go Global (Opening & Closing)

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This was my presentation in the "Ready, Set, Go Global" event that took place in Athens University of Economics and Business. I was the chair of the event, which aimed to connect the Greek youth to the market.


<ul> <li> Illbethechair ofthisevent! </li> <li> Why? </li> <li> WTF? Imnot Ready! </li> <li> HowtocreatemyCV Theydidntteachme Whattosayinmyinterview WhereIcanfindagoodjob Whicharemystrongfeatures Whicharemyweakfeatures HowamIdifferentthanothers Whatskillsareactuallyneeded HowdoIsellmyself </li> <li> Thestepsforsuccess? 1. Fail 2.Evaluate 3. Learn 4.Repeat </li> <li> Whatis AIESEC? </li> <li> Meettheworldsbest internshipprogram! </li> <li> YouthEmployability by ALBAGraduateBusinessSchool </li> <li> CV &amp; Interview Tips by iCon </li> <li> SurpriseWorkshop by iCon </li> <li> Session1 </li> <li> Session2 </li> <li> Session3 </li> <li> Session4 </li> <li> Session5 </li> <li> Comingtoanend </li> <li> ImconfidentandIknowwhatImgonnadonext! </li> <li> Thankyou Forbeinghere AIESEC in Athens (AUEB) 80 1 </li> </ul>