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Self-introduction, including some basic info about hobbies etc, education background, and work experiences. Pharma, biotech, CRO, SMO, market research globally and in China.

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2. 3. around 30 years ago Dinosaur Fossil -hadrosaur (Song, Soo) (Jie, Ketsu) Jason Soung 4. Shandong University: 4 years 1st County high school: 3 yearsTown junior high school: 4 yearsVillage elementary school: 5 years 5. Biology Olympics Contest 6. To be a Master 7. Isolation and Identification of the Strains Producing Alginase, Purification, Characterization and Enzymatic Degradation of the ALY-SJ02 Cloning and Expression of the Alginase GeneCompanyLOGOSupervisor: Prof. Xiulan Chen Prof. Yuzhong Zhang 8. Background Alginates are synthesized as cell wall components by brown seaweeds and as exo-polysaccharides by two families of heterotrophic bacteria, Pseudomonadaceae and Azotobacteriaceae.Alginate is widely used as a stabilizer, viscosifier, and gelling agent in the food and beverage, cosmetics, paper and printing, biomaterials, and pharmaceutical industries. 9. Background Alginate is an acidic linear polysaccharide composed of (14)-linked -L-guluronate (G) and its C5 epimer -D-mannuronate (M); the uronic acids are arranged in three types of block structures, homopolymeric polyguluronate (PG), homopolymeric polymannuronate (PM), and heteropolymeric sequences of randomly distributed the residues (PMG), which are named G-blocks, M-blocks, and MG-blocks, respectively. Alginates can be degraded by alginate lyases (alginases) which usually catalyze the cleavage of the glycosidic linkages via a elimination mechanism. Polysaccharide lyases are classified into 18 families (PL-1 to -18). Alginate lyases mainly occupy two families (PL-5 and -7). 10. Program Flowchart Isolation & identification of the StrainSmall-scale process development for industrial utilizationOptimization of fermentation conditionEngineering bacteria constructionPurification & characterization of AlginaseCloning & expression of Alginase geneStructure Analysis 11. Strain SM0524 & ALY-SJ020. 8y = 0. 3131x + 0. 096 2 R = 0. 9980. 3 0. 2 0. 1 012Km=3.2615mg/ml Vmax=10.4167g/ml/min3 1/ [ S] m / m l g60120402 100 . 120 01. 6 801. 1 60-20ne t pt o ac pe xt r e f bee2.6D520 / 6800. 480ty 0. 5t ur e p a m er mt e u m opt i0524i ct i v ve a l at i re O0. 60120 100y (%)0. 7Relat iv e ac t iv it1/ v m n/ ug/ m i lImpact Factor: 3.983 NO 4 Na O H2 ) 2S l ON H4 N 4C NC ( NH H20. 60.1 -0. 4 0 44020 020305060 t ur e p a m er te7080 12. Heterogenous ExpressionMALDI-TOF-MSTAIL-PCR Characterization of recombinant AlginaseR at i ve A i vi t y( % el ct )N-terminal sequenceE xpr essed A - S LY J02 120 100 80 60 40 20 0- 20 2030405060 Tem at ur e( ) per70 13. Structure AnalysisFamily PL-7 2010CD[mdeg]0-10-20 190200220Wavelength [nm]240250 14. Process development Response Surface Method (RSM), 1951 , Box-Wilsong, multiple factors, cross-interaction, limited time. Degrading Ratio CCD: 3/3/17Optimized Condition: pH: 6.7 Time: 289min Temperature: 38.8 Optimized Degrading Ratio: 71.35% 0.02153 15. GenScipt 16. Presentation Overview 1GenScript Overview2GenScript Services3GenScript Key Products4GenScript Facilities5Business ModelYour Innovation Partner in Drug Discovery! 17. Your Innovation Partner in Drug Discovery!21 18. GenScript At A Glance Founded in 2002 Over 1300 employees Headquarters in Piscataway, New Jersey USA Facilities and branches:Paris, France Tokyo, JapanNew Jersey, USA Hub of big pharmasYour Innovation Partner in Drug Discovery!Nanjing, China 19. New Nanjing Bio-Center 325,000 ft2 Capacity expansion: Gene : > 5,000 kb /month Protein : >300 batches / month Antibody: >300 orders/ monthYour Innovation Partner in Drug Discovery! Bioprocess: GLP grade Animal Facility2 20. New Bio-Chemical Facility New Peptide Facility 30,000 ft2----200 Shimadzu HPLCs Capacity expansion: Standard peptide: >6,000/month Pep library: ~50,000 peptides /month Maintenance : >2,000 peptide productsYour Innovation Partner in Drug Discovery!2 21. Structure of ProductionYour Innovation Partner in Drug Discovery!25 22. Molecular Biology Service Gene Synthesis Any gene you desire! Largest Gene Supplier in US Rush Gene, Rush Deliver!Oligo synthesisAny oligo you would like Custom DNA and RNA oligo Largest oligo manufacturer in AsiaMutagenesis Any variant from your design! Mutagenesis Library Construction Trimer LibrariesCloningAny Cloing you want! PCR Cloning/Subcloning KI & KO Vector Construction Custom vector constructionPlasmid Preparation Any amount to fit your plan! Flexible Scale: 100 g to 10,000 mg Low Endotoxin Levels: