Taking a Leap: Technical Role to Management Role

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"The purpose of life is to live the life of purpose" You’re busy with your technical job, doing what is required to be done. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with that. However, is that the career path you’re meant to pursue? Do your strengths allow you to be more aligned with management roles? If yes, then of what kind? Give yourself an opportunity to get inspired, receive thoughtful answers to your key questions, and learn to discover your true potential from Leadership expert Mr. Anil Sachdev – founder & CEO of School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL). Key Questions Answered How do I know my strengths and areas of improvement? Am I building a career around my strengths? Why do I need to move from a technical role to a management role? How can I leverage my strengths to move from an individual contributor to a manager and then to a leader? How do I know whether I should choose Marketing/HR/Finance/Technology etc. as my career stream? What should be my short term and long term objective and how should I devise a strategy for my career?

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  • 1. Why do I need to change my career track? Anil Sachdev

2. The Context The economic crisis The challenges of new social upheavals, climate changes, terrorism Emerging Markets and BRIC Off shoring- the Flat World or the Curved One Opportunities in new demographics The metaphor of Obama and its difficulties 3. The 4 most critical questions Who am I ? Why am I here ? Where do I want to go ? How do I get there ? 4. Life giving force Truth - Union Mindfulness Ego - Values/Habits/Fears - Wisdom Sustainability Intellect Choices -Knowledge Ethics Relationship/Emotions/ - the mind Emotions- Compassion- Meaning Instinct, Reaction - Information Body, 5 senses, Perceptions Data- Diversity 6 Layers of SELF 5. The message of Self Leadership Organizations of consequence require inspired leadership Inspired Leaders have understanding of the impact of the six layers of Self They are led by their core or inner most circle and that enables them to lead in an inspired manner in the outer circles 6. The Essence Leadership is about leading ones body and actions, heart and emotions and intellect and thoughts It is about being led by ones consciousness and Spirit It is about making conscious choices It is about enabling others to be leaders 7. The 4 D model Dream What might be? (What is the world calling for) Envisioning Results Design What should be--the ideal? Co-constructing Deliver How to empower, learn, and adjust/improvise? Sustaining Discovery What gives life? (The best of what is) Appreciating Source David L. Cooperrider Weatherhead School of Management 8. Discovering our gifts Interview yourself based on the Appreciative Inquiry framework by asking questions such as: When were you at your best and the most joyful? What happened ? Who were the people involved ? What was special about this experience ? What enabled you to give off your best and have long lasting joy ? What does this teach you about your unique gifts? Listen to your inner voice with child like enthusiasm and treat the narrative as a special treasure 9. The Narrative of my life What is the story I tell about myself to My Self ? What have been the high points and low points of my life ? What has given me long lasting joy and true happiness ? What has caused sadness/regret/guilt? What would I like my narrative to be ? What matters most to me at this stage of my life ? 10. Self Improvement Plan Based on the narrative of your life, what is your calling? To what extent is your personal and professional life aligned to this calling? What changes would you like to make to transform your life towards your calling? What competencies do you need to develop to make this happen? What are your unique gifts? How can you leverage these gifts to develop these competencies? What are the specific steps you will take to develop these competencies and use them to transform your life for the better ? How are you spending time today? What do you need to do to eliminate activities that are not aligned to your calling and deploy the freed up time towards your plan? What could go wrong? What do you plan to do to counter this? 11. Time Utilization Survey Please look at the way you are spending your time today and divide 24 hours of your typical day on what you actually do and not what you would like to do: 1. Sleeping 2. Eating 3. Personal Chores-Bathing, toilet, dressing up, make up , sex etc 4. Prayers and meditation 5. Exercise-Yoga, Gym, Walk etc 6. Commuting to work 7. Work and professional development including networking 8. Spending time with family 9. Socializing with friends 10. Community service 11. Reading (not work related) 12. Watching TV 13. Surfing on the net(not work related) 14. Hobbies- music, sports, dancing etc 15. Any other- please specify 12. Time Investment Plan What are the changes that you would like to bring about in the way you invest time so that it is aligned to your SIP? What would you start doing? What would you do more of? What would you stop doing? What would you do less of? 13. So what happens next? Once you realize that you have a cause that you deeply care about, begin the journey of developing yourself What kind of education would enable my development? Which are the sources of this learning? How can I get meaningful information to act on the answers of these questions? 14. Stories of Transformation 15. Stories of Transformation The knowledge, experience and insights that SOIL has provided was an important ingredient in bringing success in being chosen as one of Indias top 25 future HR leaders. I today feel more competent and confident. I am filled with eagerness to follow the path SOIL has shown me. Ethics, Sustainability, Diversity, Mindfulness and Compassion, no longer mean words to me but are an integral part of me. They are the foundation which is shaping my today, tomorrow and the future.. This complete year in SOIL changed my way of looking at things: the way I approach things, the way I carry myself , the way I perform in a team or as a matter of fact the way I lead a team. All this came from the entire eco-system and environment provided by the school and the way it nurtured our gradual transformation. At the end, I was not only an MBA graduate with higher skills but also a charged up human being ready to do something for the organization, society and the country at large.. Avirup Mukherjee HR Leadership Program | Batch of 2012-13 Sahil Seth Business Leadership Program Batch of 2012-13 16. Stories of Transformation The first change that I noticed was a dramatic increase in her concern for the family, and I realized that inculcating deep family values was a strongpoint at SOIL, a quality much needed in every individual who will eventually bond with his/her organization as a family.. Professionalism and ability to learn are the qualities demonstrated by the SOIL students hired at HCL. Ability to collaborate and apply their problem solving abilities so as to add value to the work assigned and produce results in line with desired business outcomes is highly appreciated.. Dr. Smita Mother of Sukriti Sinha Apale HR leadership program| 2012-13 Prithvi Shergill Chief Human Resources Officer HCL Technologies Ltd. 17. Stories of Transformation I joined SOIL not just to learn about academics, but to improve myself as a person. I got a lot of encouragement from staff members and colleagues to participate in unique events, and this positive energy made me win many events and helped me understand my strengths. I was blessed with a highly motivational mentor who played a key role in guiding me about my career path and important decisions in life.. Sabrish Munendran Current Batch student Marketing Leadership Program SOIL is making an attempt to build leaders who are ethical to engage and challenge negative groups of corrupt policy makers and service providers, compassionate to deal with rising aspirations and anger & antipathy, at the same time willing to create products and services which protects and sustains environment and communities around them. Moreover, it is SOILs endeavor to develop leaders who are energetic and passionate to perform better in the marketplace.. Yogesh Andlay Board Member SOIL Founder | Nucleus Software 18. MBA at SOIL gave me a platform for holistic learning and helped me to realize my unknown self, thereby leading to discover where I want to go and what I want to do. - Gurleen Kaur, SOIL Alumnus, HR Leadership Program, Batch of 2011-12 Present role HR Consultant, Mercer Consulting Private Limited Past role Software Engineer, Infosys Technologies Pvt. Lmt. 19. Unless we have a definite faith in the goal of our existence, and unless we believe, work for, and actually come to experience the goal positively as an existent factor, there is no hope of any plan becoming successful. By: SWAMI CHINMAYANANDA