The Mystery & the Magic

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One of the many lesson from the phone sourcing training series "The Magic In the Method."


  • 1. THE MYSTERY & THE MAGIC Phone Sourcing A Tutorial Presented by Maureen Sharib
  • 2. MANY PEOPLE ASK me how I do what I do. Its simple, I tell them. I call people on the telephone and extract information fromthem. Its not easy, I warn.
  • 3. THEY DONT BELIEVE ME. Then they try. The Gatekeeper asked me why I was calling! they whine. What did you say to her? I ask. I asked her who all the electrical engineers were working onBoeings new (SATCOM) phased-array antenna system.
  • 4. YOURE KIDDING, RIGHT? I ask. No, thats what I asked her. She wanted to know who I was andwhy I wanted to know. What do I say when that happens?
  • 5. IT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN, I tell them. They look at me dumb-founded. What do you mean it should never happen? It happens to me allthe time! they exclaim. Of course it does, I say.
  • 6. NOW THEYRE REALLY CONFUSED. And frustrated. Youre talking in riddles, they accuse me.
  • 7. WHY SHOULD SHE TELL YOU who all the electrical engineers working on the Boeing(SATCOM) phased-array antenna system are? What incentive have you given her to do that?
  • 8. INCENTIVE? SHE NEEDS AN INCENTIVE? Yes, she needs an incentive. She needs to know who shes talkingto. What did you do when you out-of-the-box asked her who all herelectrical engineers were working on a specific project? Better yet, what didnt you do?
  • 9. THEY LOOK AT ME and I can tell they dont know. They dont even have a clue.
  • 10. YOU MADE HER WONDER who you were and when she wondered that she kept onwondering. Who is this? Where are they calling from? Why do they want that information? Im not supposed to tell anyone that.
  • 11. ITS HUMAN NATURE to wonder. What could you have said that would not have aroused hersuspicions?
  • 12. AGAIN, NO ANSWER. Its very simple, I tease.
  • 13. WHAT? THEY PLEAD. You could have told her who you were, immediately when sheanswered. They look at me and I see a light dawning.
  • 14. I GUESS I COULD HAVE, they admit. Again, the doubt: But what if she asks me where Im calling from?
  • 15. WHAT IF SHE DOES?... I challenge. Well, what do I say? they demand.
  • 16. WHAT DO YOU SAY? I ask. You tell her where youre calling from. Is that so hard?
  • 17. I SUPPOSE IT ISNT they admit. Chances are, though, she wont ask you where youre calling from.She also wont ask you why you need that information, if you dontmake her start wondering about you in the first place! I admonish.The best way to approach a Gatekeeper is to remove the mystery forher.
  • 18. THIS IS WHATS CALLED the mystery and the magic. If you remove the mystery, magic will happen! Gatekeepers will begin to cooperate with you like they never did before. If you didnt know better, youd wonder what happened! Effective magic is transcendent nature. ~ George Eliot, Middlemarch
  • 19. THE MAGIC IN THE METHOD This is just one of the lessons in the popular phone sourcing course The Magic In the Method developed by Maureen Sharib, an everyday phone sourcing practitioner who learns more from her students than she could ever teach them! For more info on MagicMethod go here: Follow Maureen on Twitter at @MaureenSharib Contact her at 513 899 9628.
  • 20. THE END