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The singing career

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1. THE SINGING CAREERBy: Brittany Guinn 2. THINGS ABOUT SINGING Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice. The one who sings is called a singer or a vocalist. Singing can be formal or informal arranged or improvised . It canbe done for many reasons as in ritual , education , comfort, pleasure,or profit. Singers usually pick a genre 3. THE SALARY TO BE ASINGER Earning for singers vary widely. Salaries can range to $17.85 - $53.59 per hour . A few widelyfamous singers make millions. The diffrence in the salary of a singerand a musician is that a singer makes of course $53.59 an hour andthe other makes $11,769 to $101, 963A singing career to make money depending on what they do that yearcan make to 1 or 70 million and up I just only depends 4. REQUIRED EDUCATIONAND TRAININGYou would have to take some commonrequired courses as in musical education as intwo or three semesters of a vocal class were youpractice on your voice. And find the right tonefor you.