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Soft, not slow. Defining a design process for the internet of things Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch [email protected]

Design & the internet of things

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Presentation given at WoodsBagot on August 16th 2013.

Text of Design & the internet of things

  • Soft, not slow. Defining a design process for the internet of things Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch [email protected]
  • Tinker London 2007-2010 Homesense project Autumn 2011 First UK distributor of the Arduino R&D projects for BT, BBC, Nokia, BFI, Arup Bottom-up smart homes Now part of MoMas permanent collection IDII 2004-2006
  • Good Night Lamp March 2012
  • #iot The internet of things can be loosely defined as: 1. what happens when we embed connectivity in everyday objects. 2. what happens when those objects are designed with an understanding of the affordances of the web.
  • the shape of the conversation Hardware (open/closed) Connectivity (wifi, zigbee/radio, GSM) Battery life Standards Privacy Security What things?
  • What things? Smart cities Smart cars Home automation Products as part of an ecology.
  • 3 approaches. 1. Design to extend. 2. Design to comfort. 3. Design to disrupt.
  • Your product extends the capabilities of an existing device. Its tethered to a screen. If connectivity is lost, the object becomes unusable because its control interface is inaccessible. Non-objects, more like accessories. Design to extend.
  • Nike +
  • Green Goose
  • CubeSensors
  • Olly & Molly
  • Piggy-back on an existing product and augment it with connectivity. Technology is invisible so everything looks normal. This is Big Brother territory. You may be redefining a users assumptions about a product. Design to comfort (or trouble).
  • Ambiant Umbrella
  • Calypso Key
  • Develop a design language that is unique to users interaction with a new technology. Developing a new visual language consumers. Develop a new space in retail. Design to disrupt.
  • Google Glass
  • Nabaztag
  • Fitbit
  • Good Night Lamp
  • BleepBleeps
  • Little Printer
  • Uncanny valley of products. gadget object iot
  • An #iot pop-up shop August 2013-Christmas In collaboration with
  • Cyprus Mallorca China Cyprus
  • Cyprus
  • Thanks. @iotwatch @GNLteam @CFretail Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino [email protected]