Designing Culture with Lean UX

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Slides from #DevLove presented Feb. 28th 2014 at Theatre Cybird.

Text of Designing Culture with Lean UX

  • 1. UX#LeanUXjaLEAN Designing Culture Kazumichi Sakata (@mariosakata) | DevLove | Feb. 28th 2014

2. 110 WEB WEB CONCENT Something about Me User Experience Architect; Concent, Inc. UX Advisor; giftee, Inc. Member of the Board; ShibuyaUX Member of the Board; UX Tokyo Speaker & Mentor; Lean Startup Machine Tokyo Organizer; World IA Day Speaker; HCD-Net / July Tech Festa / DevLove, etc.f t DESIGN Communication Website: kazumichi.sakata[at] 3. 22014.1.22 4. 3IT is a rapidly changing business. IT 5. 4 Heres to 2013! 6. 5Have a clear view picture of whats done. re-Verse via Compght cc 7. 6We need to be one Yahoo!, and that starts with physically being together. - Merissa Mayer Chip Somodevilla via getty images 8. 7Changing the culture at Yahoo! andrewarchy via Compght cc 9. 8(c) Venture Beat 10. 9What is corporate culture and why should you care? Lean UX Kosuke Kato 11. 10Lean UX Thinkingkenteedardin via Compght cc 12. 111Building the right it before building it right. 13. 12RESEARCHCONCEPTHUMAN CENTERED DESIGN DEVELOPDESIGN 14. 13Ideas are worth nothing unless executed.proper dave via Compght cc 15. 14CONCEPTRESEARCHHCD IN LEAN UX DEVELOPDESIGN 16. 152Problem Denition than Problem Solving. 17. 16Evolution of UX Design Business Development Usability Lean Startup (Lean UX)Agile Development (Agile UX)HCD(Human Centered Design, Classic UX)solidether via Compght cc 18. 17Design for Meaning Business Why?What?Development Usability How? solidether via Compght cc 19. 183Collaborative, Transparent, and Demystify. 20. 19No more of this iStockphoto LP 2013 21. 20Agility through Crossfunctional collaboration iStockphoto LP 2013 22. 21Agile Methodologies 23. 224Getting out of the deliverables business. 24. 23Customers dont care about your solution, they care about their problems.- Dave McClure 25. 24From Guidance to Archived documents. iStockphoto LP 2013 26. 25TEAMTOUCHPOINTCUSTOMERH2H CommunicationPRODUCTSOperationsSTRUCTURECULTURE 27. 26Break out your business silo with Lean UX. Lean UX iStockphoto LP 2013 28. 27Lean UX is the Engine of Learning. Kosuke Kato 29. 28C-P-S Hypothesis CPS ProblemCustomerSolution iStockphoto LP 2013 30. 29C-P-S Hypothesis Customer:Who has the problem? Problem:What is the pain point? Are customers aware of it?Solution:What is your solution? 31. 30C-P-S HypothesisSolution Lean Canvas Customer Problem 6up Sketches 32. 31Experiement by C-P-S CPS Problem KPI Customer Solution or iStockphoto LP 2013 33. 32Lean UX in PracticeCPS Agile Development DESIRABILITY (Human)BUILDVIABILITY (Business)FEASIBILITY (Technical)LEARN C-P-S ObservationC-P-S ExperimentC-P-S HypothesisMEASURE 34. 33Lean UX is what everybody was looking for. Lean UX 35. Appendix l Lean UX Lean UX 36. Template Lean Canvas PROBLEMSOLUTIONUNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITIONUNFAIR ADVANTAGE UVP)KEY METRICS EXISTING ALTERNATIVESCOST STRUCTURECUSTOMER SEGMENTSCHANNELS HIGH-LEVEL CONCEPTEARLY ADOPTERSREVENUE STREAMSLean Canvas is adapted from The Business Model Canvas ( and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Un-ported License. 37. Template Proto Persona NAME & SKETCHESDEMOGRAPHICSBEHAVIORSNEEDS & PAIN 38. Template 6up Sketches