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  • Discovering Sketchthe designers toolbox

  • Keep knowledge current

  • web design

    2012 Apple Design Award winner

    web design


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  • Features

  • when saving the file

    Revert to > Browse all versions



  • when drawing rounded shapes

    You can dynamically edit corner radius in Sketch:

    With PS, you cant do it dynamically, you had to draw a new shape

  • If youre a UI designer

    In Sketch: You have a non-limit canvas. Smart Guide will help you a lot in aligning objects. Link Styles will help you when you edit multiple objects.

  • If youre a front-end developer

    Sketch have native Grid view support:

  • If youre a front-end developer

    You can copy CSS properties from an object in Sketch

  • If youre a programmer

    You can extend Sketch by plugins, get them on Github, or write your custom scripts with JSTalk - Talking to cocoa with javascript.

  • If youre a mobile UI designer

    you can preview Sketch design on mobile devices with Sketch Mirror

    Install Sketch Mirror on you iPhone and open it Your iPhone and computer must in a wifi network Choose an artboard in sketch Click connect

  • Suggestions

  • Efficiently Rename Layers

    Suggestion 1

    Tips:Efficiently rename your layers, groups, artboard and link styles.Select a layer. Hit + R. Start typing. Hit Enter to save. After renaming your first layer, press Tab to go to the next layer (or Shift + Tab for the previous), then hit + R to rename it.Create Artboards before start, name your artboards with device name or page name. If you want to export to sub folder, you should add sub folder name and / to a prefix for your artboard name.

  • create multiple design in one page

    Suggestion 2

    Tips:Canvas is non-limit size.Create artboards and groups to manage your layers.Select multiple layers, then hit + G to create layer group. + + to zoom-in, + - to zoom-out + 1 to reset view, select a layer and + 2 to view it, + 3 to put it in the center. Arrows or space + drag to move your view port. If you want to export your design, hit + Shift + E

  • Suggestion 3


    > > !

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  • Sketch Resources

    Sketch official Web Site

  • Sketch Articles


    Discovering Sketch




    Supercharge your Workflow in Sketch

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