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Just because you can doesn't mean you should: thoughts on smartness & entrepreneurship in the internet of things

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Talk given at Thingscon in Berlin on May 3rd 2014.

Text of Just because you can doesn't mean you should: thoughts on smartness & entrepreneurship in the...

  • Just because you can doesnt mean you should. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch Thoughts on smartness & entrepreneurship in #iot
  • CEO of Tinker London 2007-2010 Good Night Lamp 2012- designswarm 2011-
  • This talk in one slide We arent even close to #iot being mainstream. A lot of men are designing things for womenagain. Investors are the meatgrinder of the industry Success is a complicated thing.
  • We are part of a continuum Human-Computer Interaction Ubiquitous computing / ubicomp blogjects Smart (insert noun) Internet of Everything Industrial Internet Internet of things Wearables Connected products .. NORMAL LIFE
  • But weve been there before.
  • Smart vs connected.
  • Latent issues
  • OR
  • OR
  • Were not there yet.
  • Innovation Diffusion o Communication channels (subjective perceptions) o Time o Social System (role of opinion leaders & change agents) 4 ways to spread new ideas
  • o What TechCrunch / The Verge / GigaOM say o Time o If people invest in you and retailers know what to do with you 4 ways to spread new ideas
  • The forbidden apple of crowd-funding A convenient way for investors to ignore you early on (you may not need them anyway) A quick way to do market research. Not a replacement for real PR. You become part of a market, people want to make money from you as an entrepreneur.
  • We are educating investors. Early days for investors who have been investing in web for over 15 years. Most tech investors focusing on industrial / B2B Consumer-focused investments are led by US funds (Foundry Group/Tech Stars)
  • Aquihire or death? It used to be people were afraid of starting businesses because most would fail within 2 years. Now they can sell it and look successful! Berlin & London have some examples of this. We are meat for SFs more successful businesses.
  • The role of experts Supply chain & retail are known skillsets but are different communities Electronics engineering isnt easy to find & is expensive but will help design something scalable A 20 something or a graduate cant help you with either.
  • Pacing yourself Incubators & accelerators are often too short & shouldnt put you off your course. It takes 3 years to really be known in all markets but also be boring to some. Decide if youre a one product company or a products company. (Lava Lamp vs Apple) Both can be successful.
  • Merci! Grazie! Danke. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch @Liquid_con @ConnectedIOT