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Lean Mean iOS App Development* *developed with real users

Lean UX Mobile Development - built alongside real users

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How do you ID an MVP for a Mobile app? We did it by bringing users into the product development process. We devised a 6-week study where we deployed an alpha to real users and iterated upon it until we had an app we felt worthy of 3.5 stars we could release. This is the story of how we did it.

Text of Lean UX Mobile Development - built alongside real users

  • Lean Mean iOS App Development* *developed with real users
  • Michelle Zassenhaus Director, UX+Design TheLadders @zhaus
  • @zhaus
  • lean beginnings Become aware of job matches and express interest in them on the go. qualied + intent @zhaus
  • lean beginnings sketches @zhaus interviews / testing design studio early designs
  • What's an MVP for an app? How do you iterate? Customers control the updates Customers don't come back 1-star reviews difcult to overcome @zhaus
  • + @zhaus
  • The longitudinal study 1. Get the app into users hands early 2. Observe use over sustained time (6 wks) 3. Build, measure, learn + evaluate satisfaction @zhaus
  • 1. Write test plan Who What When Where Why How @zhaus
  • 2. Identify & deploy atomic experience log in nd jobs save them @zhaus
  • 3. Recruit participants ID demo- + psycho- graphics Email customers with incentive ($300 / 3 milestones) Funnel through screening survey Select for good distribution; call to be sure Procure + distribute tools (test ight, reector app, gotomeeting) @zhaus
  • 4. Build, measure, learn - 6 weeks W T surveys sent roadmap meeting M T W recap call design & develop @zhaus surveys sent planning + reprioritization roadmap meeting F (6) 30m gotomeeting calls (6) 30m gotomeeting calls
  • survey @zhaus
  • calls @zhaus
  • calls @zhaus
  • findings recap call @zhaus
  • planning @zhaus
  • What did we learn? Sorting of jobs How to execute the like feature Remove the paywall Usability issues Detractors + delighters @zhaus
  • @zhaus
  • @zhaus
  • danke! iOS @zhaus Android