Martela silence

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The Martela Silence concept has been developed to offer furniture solutions for work tasks where concentration must be maximised and disturbance minimised. The new furniture for open plan offices has acoustic damping properties and can also serve as a location for informal meetings or exchanges. This versatile concept brings considerable flexibility, which in turn supports activity-based office solutions.

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2. INTERFERENCE sound ergonomics is at the core; silent furniture, acoustic shelter, sharing spaces interferences in an open plan office are considered to be the biggest ergonomic problem average employee spends 28% of their time dealing with unnecessary interruptions followed by "recovery time" to get back on track. (2009, Basex) activity based office should provide spaces also for uninterrupted work 3. PERSONALISATION it is important to feel that furniture solutions fit each person even after giving up own workstations broad collection of colours and materials adjustable working environment (desk, chair, lighting, screens, storage) 4. FLEXIBILITY one must continuously listen to the user needs spaces and solutions must be updated according to user feedback furniture needs to be easily moved and it should provide ideas for versatility possibility to choose the most suitable place to work for the task at hand when you give up your own work desk you get back ten options in return 5. EFFICIENCY efficient use of all available space use is monitored and facilities are modified based on user feedback people are encouraged to do mobile work and the amount of office space reuiqred is reduced workstation utilisation is monitored 6. SOLUTIONS FOR ACTIVITY BASED OFFICE: 7. ALKU TABLE DesignIiroViljanen FACE SCREEN DesignPekkaToivola&IiroViljanen 8. ALKU BENCH DesignIiroViljanen 9. CANTI TABLE DesignPekkaToivola 10. KOOP CHAIR DesignKarimRashid 11. HUSH PHONE BOOTH DesignPekka Toivola 12. PODSEATAND PODSOFA Designo4i Designstudio