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  • PortfolioG-Young Van(Mobile) +82-10-6773-4010 (E-Mail) [email protected](Address) 448 Exporo, YuseongGu, Daejeon, South Korea

  • Leaning on You ... 31Standing style wooden bench for relaxing in public or opened areas

    Smartphone Application for ... 41Anemia Diagnosis in Rural Areas

    Design for Development ... 52Design process workshop focused on problemsof developing countries around the world

    Sound Phorography ... 26of the Moment

    Effective Package Design ... 34For Increasing Comepetitiveness of Fair-trade Products


    Rewind ... 3 G-Saver 2nd Generation ... 18Improving heat accumulator for Mongolian housing GerStorytelling and Communication Device for the Elderly

    Tetrapak Recycling Project ... 63Building materials for rural area in India

  • RewindStorytelling and Communication Device for the Elderly

    Undergraduate ThesisIndividual Project

    Exhibited at Design 100ID KAIST, 2013

    Rewind is a new concept device for storytelling and communication for the elderly. Combining analog and digital experience, it provides a unique experience of recording their memory, or stories and sharing them between the elderly and with other generations. It encourages the elderly to fulfill their social needs at the same time contributing on lives of others.


  • Elderly who want to share experience

    Elderly who are in physical/ financial need

    Record Experience

    Print inrolling film

    Senior Community

    Sharing in Community

    Record Share Playback

    Put film in analog playback device

    Watch and Learnthe experience

    Design Concept

    Design Process

    Trend Research

    User Research





  • Final Prototype l Rewind, 2013


  • 01 Recording a story and printing instantly from the deviceRecording a series of self-photos and sound, and print out the photos right afterwards. Using mirror, it is easy for the elderly to adjust the camera on the desired angle.


  • 02 Rolling the wind to view the recorded storyPut the roll of film in the device, and winding it to display. The sound is displayed by the speaker.Adjust where to play by rolling the wind.


  • Provides social activitiesNot always meaningful time

    Regular check-ups are providedBut hard to care personally

    Not interacting enoughRarely visiting

    Automatic detection


    Focus Group Interview

    Photo Study


    Summary ofUser Research


    Social Worker Hospital/Emergency Service


    User Research

    I conducted user research in four different ways by observation, Interview, Focus group interview, and Photo study on different groups related to the elderly and the elderly themselves.

    User Research at Senior Community Center l Rewind, 2013


  • Self-Development


    Lifestyle Satisfaction Social Involvedness

    Contributionto Society

    Independent Life

    Basic Needs(Physical, Financial)

    Needs Taxonomy Define Keywords Needs Implication

    [Maslows Hierarchy of Needs]







    Basic Needs



    Lifestyle Satisfaction

    Social Involvedness

    Contributionto Society

    Independent Life

    Basic Needs(Physical, Financial)

    Key Implication

    From needs taxonomy, it was able to define eight keywords derived from the user research. The keywords were substituted into Maslows Hierarchy of needs to categorize into different levels. Then, I developed hexagon diagram to visualize the seven needs of the elderly.



    Lifestyle Satisfaction

    Social Involvedness

    Contribution to Society

    Independent Life

    Basic Needs (Physical, Financial)


  • User Research

    Photo study samples l Rewind, 2013


  • The ElderlyThe Elderly

    InteractivePhoto Album

    Creating stories with self-photoRecording Narration

    Sharing story with family, friends

    Be shared with stories from other elderly, or beloved ones.

    B65/ MaleNo IncomeFormer public officerRegularly visits center

    82/ FemaleNo IncomeFormer homemakerLives at apartment

    72/ FemaleSmall grocery storeStill workingLives at poor quarters

    78/ MaleNo IncomeFormer office workerSenior hospital

    I feel bored and left out from the society. Its a long, continuous meaningless days.

    I know how to spend my time and feel comfortliving alone, but I cant deny the loneliness

    I have to work for a littleprofit to live. I cant afford time and effort for other part of life.

    I cannot live normallyby myself. I have to relyon others to be outsideor do other activities.


    C D




    Fundamental Needs

    Physical Safety Social InvovlenessContribution

    Financial Self-developmentSatisfaction

    Value of Life

    Social ContributionElderly inPhysical Needs

    Elderly inFinancial Needs

    Value of life graph

    Concept Development

    Four personas were developed to represent the different needs of each group. Then, it was expressed in the value of life graph to find hidden needs for the design concept. The final concept was developed by making connections between the needs.


  • Design for communication between elderly with social needs and elderly with physical needs in daily life

    Visible Light CommunicationWireless Communication technology that uses light that is visible to humans

    1. The elderly with social needs takesphoto with camera, smartphone

    3. If the elderly with physical needs approach to the light, the photo frame automatically shows the data received.

    Technology Base

    Shape form as RadioGives feeling that transmitting visual data instead of sound data

    Double-way CommunicationNot only receiving, pulling the handle backward willsend the data simply without additional process

    Idea Sketch


  • Take a tag of moments of your experienceAnd share it within the society.

    Three main functions are;1. Taking picture/video2. Print out the tag3. Tag can be viewed by its own device

    Taking Experience Tag of what you want to shareSuch as How to Knit

    Tag is in printed form

    Push it into the deviceTo play it

    Share it with others

    Idea Sketch


  • I conducted user research in four different ways by observation, Interview, Focus group interview, and Photo study on different groups related to the elderly and the elderly themselves.

    Idea Sketch


  • 3D Modeling with Rhino, rendering with V-Ray

    3D Modeling


  • I want to share my experience, but how?

    Look into mirrorand recore

    Print and Roll Share it withother elderly

    Put in the film Listen Learn new experience

    Wind up

    User Scenario


  • User Scenario l Rewind, 2013


  • G-Saver 2nd Generation

    Cooperated with NGO Good Neighbors, local social enterprise Good sharing

    KAIST R&D TeamJan, 2012 - April, 2013

    Winner, Social Venture Competition Asia 2012Finalist, Global Social Venture Competition 2013

    G-Saver project is run by NGO Good Neighbors, providing heat accumulator for Mongolian nomad housing Ger. I worked for this project as a designer and coordinator of research and development team from KAIST. Going through optimization of heat preservation and the structure of G-Saver, we were able to make improvements. The usability and thermo-efficiency of the initial G-Saver increased enough to be sold in the market. The second version of G-Saver is commercialized as of winter, 2014.

    The team consists of 11 students (3 engineering, 3 industrial design, 5 business majors). We did not distinguish the specific area, and worked together. However, specifically, my role was to coordinate the communication between our cooperation organization Good Neighbors and advisory experts. As a designer, I worked on improving the assembly and installations reflecting the user feedbacks.

    Improving heat accumulator for Mongolian housing Ger

    G-Saver project, 2012-2013


  • Mongolia

    Good Sharing/

    R&D Team





    Social Enterprise11 Local employeesProduction and distribution

    Establish social enterprise in the developing countries- Market formation- Local employments

    Society restoration of profits- Local welfare facility- Community support program Increasing efficiency of

    heating to improve living situation

    Decreasing environment pollutant



    Mechanical EngineeringIndustrial Design

    KAIST MBA Course

    Improve the thermo-efficiencyReflect user feedbacks Develop sustainable business model in local area

    Project Overview

    G-Saver project, 2012-2013


  • Local Contexts

    Winter in Mongolia is severe and long, and heating is needed for nine months during a year.

    Excessive heating expenses - Over 70% of annual income

    Intense cold causes health problems - Respiratory disease, musculoskeletal disease - Shortening of life time (WHO Mongolia Country Cooperation Strategy

    Pollution: Dust concentration 279/m3 (WHO, 2011)

    Initial Model of G-Saver

    Installation Structure

    Installation- Install on the top of stove, and the connection between stovepipes

    Structure- Heat accumulated i